Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Work in Progress, My Mom, a Sketch and a Pair of Slippers

Almost finished WIP
16 x 20" mixed media on cradled wood
 Lately I've been saying to myself, "Lisa, you need to layer more in your paintings.  Stop finishing them too soon!"  And that is what I've been doing with this one...trying not to finish it too soon.  

WIP close-up
 I can't believe I am admitting on a public blog that I talk to myself, but I am guessing every artist does.  Am I right?  Come on, admit it.

By the way,  my husband says the larger revealed area in the pink dress is too distracting.  Do you think he's right?  I think it looks like part of her dress, but I've been looking at this painting so darn long, my eyes are crossed.  

My mom
 I took a break from painting Saturday and went to the Wichita Art Museum with my mom.  We saw an exhibit called Paul Cezanne's Apples, but not one painting was by Paul Cezanne.  Go figure.  The whole exhibit consisted of some excellent still life paintings by other artists, and the exhibit title was only about Paul's quote "with an apple, I will astonish Paris".  Okay, whatever.  But it really was a great exhibit.

Doesn't my mom look great?

sketching from old photos in 4 x 6" sketchbook
I have been trying to do some drawing too using the old photos that were gifted to me.  I was looking at this woman and WOW is she gorgeous.  Remove her glasses, take her hair down, put some modern clothing on her and she would be a fashion model.

my feet donned with new slippers
And lastly, I got new slippers.  I just thought you would want to know.

♥ Lisa


  1. LOVE the pink dress, lisa! i might tone down the revealed area with a thin layer of pink or white, but not too much...

    love the roof!

    and the sketchbook sweetie (which i'll call her even though she's not in the tiny moleskine : )


  2. It is beautiful Lisa; adds a lot of interest. Your husband is just disturbed because he is trying to see a vagina in there.

  3. Well. You are asking for opinions, so I will admit that I think the painting would be improved without that shape in the dress. I'd opt for all pink fabric there. Don't expect you to really change your mind, though. You're the artist, and what you say goes. Had to laugh about the Cezanne quote. Yeah, some copywriter was working overtime for all that. Your Mom is indeed a lovely woman, your slippers are great..your new sketch AND the two ladies painting are excellent. :)

  4. Interesting opinions above. I guess they all agree with your hubby. Pat him on the back or having a good eye.
    I like the drawing - did you come up with the patterns on the clothes? Neat.
    Love the photo of your mom. Doesn't she look happy!!! And the slipper...please put them in a painting...so cute.
    Wish I could see all the layers and the texture in the painting . I love some of the mark-making I can see at the bottom, Your paintings are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Julie! The pattern in the clothing is from the photo...it's difficult to tell, but she is wearing a plaid dress. Though, I will take credit for the flowers on the sleeves. :)

  5. New slippers and talking to yourself go hand in hand and are both so important! Love your painting and the ones with primative buildings are my favorites. More layering, well artist that's up to you. Keep talking maybe you will gwt an answer. xox

  6. I am with Celeste on the woman's dress! Your Mom looks super! Glad you both were able to get to the non Cezanne-Cezanne exhibit! Keep sketching:)

  7. Oh, and I talk to myself and the cats a lot. A Lot!

  8. I adore your painting and that revealing section on the pink dress is fine - I think. It gives a bit of a hint, to me, of her layers in the dress. Beautiful. And yes - I talk to myself all the time especially while creating. Your Mom is lovely! Those slippers are darling! xo

  9. Look at the interest that dress has already stirred! I think it's fabulous just the way it is. Husbands (mine included) want things neat an orderly - well painting isn't always orderly -- you paint from the heart -- and that's what I love about your work! I wouldn't change a thing!
    Your mom is gorgeous! And those slippers - well I can see why you love them.

  10. I agree with your husband-I think the area on the dress could be blended in a little more. I love that you have used that log cabin background-similar to your painting that you are using as your header know that I just adore!!

  11. The pink dress...I don't think it's distracting but I know about looking at a painting
    too long to see it anymore. Your mom looks so happy. I'm so glad I still have my
    mom. The time together is good. That woman in the old photo-wonder why she hid
    under those glasses and hairdo?

  12. I think I side with your husband on the dress. Although I didn't notice till you mentioned it.

  13. I love the details of the new painting & your new slippers ~ Your mom looks good & I like how you drawing from old photos for your drawing ~

    Take care ~

  14. I also think IMHO that the patch should go or at least played down in value/chroma. Maybe moved up unto the bodice?
    A beautiful painting....the layering is super!

  15. what moi, talk to myself NEVER! ;) always a delight to read your blog.

  16. I really like the depth that layering has given your painting, I love the polka dot pocket, so in a way I think the pink patch detracts from the pocket, my eyes move back and forth between the two. Perhaps the fight between them is the problem, and if I had to choose I would say tone down the pink a touch, not to much as I like the layered look it has. :)

  17. LOVE, LOVE the painting, Lisa.... of course, I love all your work....my opinion on the dress would be.. omitting that area entirely and keep it pink. But you're the Artist !! Your Mom is beautiful and I'm so glad you take her out to the museums...she looks like she's enjoying it...

  18. Your mom looks fantastic! She is so cute ;o) I love your slippers ;o) The painting is amazing! Lisa, you are so talented! Personally, I like that area in the dress. But, I can see where it would be distracting, because it is right in the middle. Maybe if it is more off to the side, it wouldn't be as distracting? I don't know! LOL! I would leave it, personally ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  19. I forgot to say, the sketch from the old photo is gorgeous!!!


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