I worked as a registered nurse for 20 years, before discovering my love for painting. It all started one evening when out of boredom I decided to try sketching a chair in my living room. I had never drawn really, but my drawing turned out nice, so I kept at it which eventually led to painting with acrylics, then mixed media, then oils.

Most of my art is figurative and I enjoy the challenge of capturing atmosphere, human connection and emotion in my art. The inspiration for my figures comes from imagination or vintage photos, but sometimes from actual people and scenes I see while out and about. I also like to paint random things like chairs or clothing, still life and interiors.

In 2011 I started blogging my art which eventually led to opening an Esty shop online and various local art shows.  I was also represented by Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita for a period of three years. My art is in private collections all over the world and also a part of the The Art of Emprise collection at Emprise Bank here in Wichita.  I am now working a part time job and painting part time, selling solely on Etsy.

In 2016 I started to explore combining videography and photography with my paintings. I am in the midst of creating a body of work that I call "Finding Faith" which is a series of video, photographs, and paintings, with my beautiful niece, Faith as my muse. The work is about creating simple stories with video and then capturing select moments within the story with photographs. The painting portion of the work is the definitive image of what the story is all about. It has been a challenge to not only create these stories, but to also find the tangible pieces necessary to create them. Shopping for clothing, finding props, driving around my home state of Kansas to find the "perfect" location and backdrops for this project has added an element of excitement to my creative process I never thought possible, and has also stretched me as an artist. Not only that, but to paint Faith over an over is also a part of my quest. To capture a likeness to her character repetitively will be my mission with each painting, thus the title "Finding Faith". As I push forward with this work, I have realized that Finding Faith is not only about capturing my niece's pretty face in photo and paint, but so much more. It is about finding beauty here in Kansas. It is also about finding beauty while living in simplicity. And it is about finding faith in myself as an artist. I will write more on this as my thoughts evolve because I feel that as this project continues, there will be many new insights that will develop.

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