Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Small Portraits in Oil

Quiet Manner
oil on 5 x 7 inch paper

As I have mentioned before, I love working with oil on paper.  These are all 5 x 7" with no border...I painted them laying flat.  I used 140 lb paper which holds up nicely to the oil.  The only thing I don't care for is that they are very dull when they dry, so I spray them with Kamar varnish and that really shines them up.

I have been gluing these small paper works to a firm matte board...also 5x7"... and that makes them so easy to place in a standard frame.  

Blue Wallflower
oil on 5 x 7" paper

Night in White Satin
oil on 5 x 7" paper

Since my art show Friday night, I have watched a ton of movies...I think vegging helps the recuperation process.  :)   We spent a lot of time with family this past weekend too.  This week I am hard at work on a commission painting for someone in western U.S.  It is coming along nicely and I will show it soon...I have a long way to's a 30x24".   It is so fun to work on big canvases!  I like small too though, they are easier to store.

Tonight, the newlyweds are coming over for dinner.  We love getting to spend time with them!

Have a great day whatever you are doing!!