Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prelude to the Sweetness of Reunion: The 5th Work in the Finding Faith Series

Prelude to the Sweetness of Reunion
oil on canvas
30 x 24 inch

Prelude to the Sweetness of Reunion
video (click to play)

 I have finally finished with the 5th project in my Finding Faith series and this one was near and dear to my heart.  Prelude to the Sweetness of Reunion is about that tender time just before the arrival of a loved one or loved ones you have been separated from for a while.  I know many can relate to this story.  As a child, I was separated from my family and those days of anticipating the arrival of my siblings in Kansas are pretty special.  I remember my mother busily cleaning house and getting things just right for company.  And now that I am older and my sons live in other states, well...that sweet reunion is always a joy...right down to baking the muffins.  :)

I think Katie did such an amazing job in this.  She is so patient during the shoots and her sweet demeanor was perfect for this story.  Thank you Miss Katie!  And a huge thank you goes to my long time friends Kathy and Jerry who let me use their beautiful home for the shoot.  It was just the right setting.

I am keeping all the works in this series in one place and they can be found in the Finding Faith tab at the top of the blog if you wish to view the others.

Take care...until next time...

♥ Lisa