Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Studio Clip: Behind The Scenes From After The Rain

Hello!  It's been a while!  I hope this finds everyone well and I want to thank those of you who have found me on Instagram and Facebook.  That is where I post regularly now, and it has been a joy to stay connected with blog friends in those places.

I found that writing blog posts used to be a joy for me, but now feels like a lot of work.  I would much rather be painting...and making videos!

Which brings me to why I am posting today in the first place.  I have finally completed another studio clip and this one is all behind the scenes of the last project After The Rain in my Finding Faith series.

I am in the midst of making plans for the next one! However, we have "lost our Faith" as she is now married and living away. But who knows! She might show up again! 
I have decided to continue with the title "Finding Faith" for this series, even if the true Faith cannot be featured. As the projects have progressed in the series, it has also become about finding faith in myself as an artist as I explore this idea of combining videography, photography and painting.
Thank you as always for following this series!  I enjoy sharing it with you as it grows.  I am painting a lot of other art as well.  I hope you come find me on Facebook or Instagram if you haven't already so we can stay connected more often.  Links are above.
Bye for now!
Studio Clip

Next costume for the 4th project in Finding Faith