Friday, February 11, 2022

Sharing Ludovico


Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian pianist and composer.  I have been hearing his beautiful music coming across my Pandora stations for a while now.  I shared a couple of pieces with my son who is also a pianist and he told me that one of his students is learning to play this one called Night.  The music and this visually stunning video was mesmerizing.  The simple and multiple symbols and trees and marks were all drawn by Ludovico.  

This quote is from the description on YouTube:

Says Einaudi: “I saw new frontiers – on the edge between what I knew and what I didn’t know – that I had long wanted to explore: creation myths, the periodic table, Euclid's geometry, Kandinsky’s writings, the matter of sound, and of colour, the stems of wild grass in a meadow, the shapes of the landscape. For months I wandered in a seemingly chaotic mix of images, thoughts and feelings. Then, gradually, everything came together in a dance, as if all the elements were parts of the same world, and myself within it.”