Saturday, January 21, 2023

Revisting the Art of Doll Making



Back in the 90's I explored doll making.  It was 15 years before I would discover my love for painting.  I was working in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit at a hospital at the time and I remember how relaxing it was to work with clay, paint and cloth. My job was very stressful and this offered such a respite.  I made 11 doll ornaments with matching hearts and bows to go on our Christmas tree.  It took two months to make them.  My husband kept commenting about how fixated I was during the process.   I should have known then that making art would be a good fit for me. 

Last March I had the desire to reexplore this art and found it to be just as satisfying as painting.  I don't think I will ever stop painting, but having other mediums to work with is a good thing because I have always liked variety.

These two have been listed in my Etsy shop.  

In October, I rearranged my workspace again.  Here it is as of yesterday.  It's already a mess, but that's a good thing, right?

I have been working on my bird photography.  I would like to buy a new lens for my camera to get clearer photos of them.  Birds are so beautiful in their markings, not to mention entertaining to watch!  I love this photo the most out of dozens I took recently.  It looks like he is casually taking in the scenery, though I am sure he is just keeping an eye out for predators.  I discovered a YouTube channel titled Leslie the Bird Nerd.  She lives in northeastern US and is so knowledgeable about birds. It is amazing how much they trust her, eating seed right from her hand.  Her videography is stunning also and I highly recommend her channel if you are a bird lover too.

I am keeping this post short and sweet...Until next time!