Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goldie and Blue and a Happy 2015!

Goldie and Blue
mixed media 
16 x 20 inch cradled board

This is the last painting in 2014 and I finished it this morning.  Well, it's mostly finished.  There are a few areas I would like to clean up, especially around the bird.  I painted this based on a painting I did in my sketchbook a while back.  Honestly, the whole thing was about using the gold colored acrylic paint I bought and the story unfolded from there, in my sketchbook and in the painting. 

I read someone's Facebook post this morning that said they were going to push 2014 right off the edge of a cliff and it made me laugh.  I wasn't laughing at this person's hardships, no, I was laughing at the thought of being able to actually push a bad year off of the edge of a cliff.  Now wouldn't that feel good.  

I can't say 2014 was the best year.  I lost my mom this year and it still hurts.  But I've had many blessings too,  and for this I am so grateful. 

Thank you all for everything!  Here's to a blessed 2015 for all of us!  

Happy New Year!

♥ Lisa

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

mixed media 
 8 1/2 x 11 inch sketchbook

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for your kindness as always!

♥ Lisa

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Flower Petalers and How the Move Went

The Flower Petalers
mixed media on cradled wood panel 8 x 8 inch

Hello friends!  I am back after a chaotic couple of weeks of moving to our new house. I have taken some time to paint, but not too much.  Above is my newest finished piece.

 The move went well for having been settled in the old home for 15 years.  You accumulate a lot of stuff in that amount of time! I should have counted boxes as I am sure the number would have been impressive.  Oh my!  

Anyways, you would probably like to see photos rather than read babble, so here you go...


Above is my favorite picture.  It captures the beauty and some of the character of this old house we now live in.  It was built in 1930 and comes complete with glass doorknobs and drafty window panes.  We absolutely love it. 


My studio is really really great.  I have lots of storage and it even has a sink in it because the previous owner had a manicure business.  The light coming from the north and west windows makes me want to be like a cat and lay on the floor basking in the sun.  


This is the view from my west studio windows.  I think I am going to have to paint every one of those houses at some point.  They are so pretty...and HUGE.  Our house is quite a bit smaller than those.  


This is the best part about our new's in Riverside and there is so much to see in this special area of town.  The river always inspires...


it's a great place to see Christmas lights on foot...


and ooooo and aaaaaahhhh at how they reflect on the water.


And now that we live here I was able to walk less than two blocks the next morning after a beautiful snowfall the night before...


and see this park blanketed in white...


and the footprints of the locals...


and chuckle at how the geese just hang out in the streets.  Do you see them?  They are everywhere in this neighborhood.  They cross the streets (and take their sweet time), hang out on lawns, walk up the sidewalks.  They squawk and honk at each other like they are discussing plans for afternoon tea.  

This evening I made pumpkin bread and plopped into this chair to write to you all.  It's the same chair that started my art journey years ago...the one I drew just for the heck of it.  The same funky pillow is there too.  And you may also recognize the painting on the wall, Candela's Light.  

My family said that our furniture looks like it belongs in this house and that my paintings are like I was painting them specifically for this house.  Maybe they are right.  I wonder how long we will be here.  We are told we are only the fifth family to live here, which we found amazing.  The family previous to the family that sold it to us was here 36 years.  I can't imagine staying anywhere for 36 years.  But who knows?

Have a beautiful weekend.

♥ Lisa