Wednesday, January 25, 2017

They Have Come to Bring Us Spring

They Have Come to Bring Us Spring
oil on 30 x 24 inch canvas
available here
Hello friends, and Happy New Year!  It has been a while!  A busy life keeps me away from blogging these days.   However, we can connect on Facebook and Instagram if you are there too.  Sometimes I miss the lazy days of blogging and reading blogs, but then life was going at a different pace then.

This painting began last fall and was finished a couple of weeks ago.  Long ago my mother in-law and father in-law happily dropped off this large canvas they had found at a garage sale.  It had a painting of a teddy bear on it with a blue blue background.  They asked if I could use it for my art, and I said of course!  

When finally getting around to painting on it, all I knew was I wanted to paint multiple figures wearing green dresses.  So it began with one figure in the middle-ish area and went forward from there.  There were six women originally, but it looked unbalanced.  Adding the seventh figure on the far right seemed to correct it.

The wooded scene evolved from there becoming obvious to me that the dresses represented the green that was to come on the trees.  
One serendipitous quality of this piece is that the figures and trees sort of glow in a dark room.

Here are some close-ups.  You can see the lines of texture from the underpainting.

Until next time!
♥ Lisa

PS:  I have created a site for The Finding Faith series.  The tab at the top of my blog will link you there.  This will be where you can view all the paintings, photographs and videos in the entire series.