Thursday, October 29, 2015

They Call it Connection Cafe

They Call it Connection Cafe
mixed media on canvas 20 x 20 inch

This painting is one of my newest and was inspired by those wonderful one-on-one chats that we have with friends or family...those soulful talks that leave an impression.  I'm sure we've all had them, both men and women and I find myself rather grateful for them.

 I am happy to announce this work was recently accepted into the Arts Council Annual Juried Art Show at City Arts here in Wichita, Kansas. You can read about the show here if you are interested.  The opening is tomorrow night and I plan to be there.

This is special because this is my first time entering a juried show and I am so honored to be in the mix of a lot of really talented artists.

Hope you're weekend to come is a great one.  Thanks as always for following my art.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sophie and Samantha

Sophie and Samantha
mixed media on paper mounted to board
16 x 20 inch
available here
This painting has been in the works for a while.  Today as I worked on it in my art class, I decided to call it done.  Halting screech...DONE.  I feel very ready to work on something else.

I should tell you about the funny story that inspired it...of the two girls playing in their jumping up and down on the roof of a car with sounds of the metal giving beneath her feet with each jump...and her sweet little voice yelling across the street at me and my dog as we walked by "HI!"...and her presumably older sister shushing her and telling her not to talk to strangers...Mom said not to talk to strangers.

 I saw these same two girls weeks later playing with balls...both girls in dresses with up-do hair.  And it was at that point I decided to paint them.

Adorable impressions left in my mind.  

The Arkansas River on a very quiet day

Leaving you with this image.  We just need a pair of doves sitting on the lower wire, don't you agree?

Wishing you all peace today.