Monday, January 28, 2019

Geese and Downy Pillows

Geese and Downy Pillows
oil on canvas 11 x 14 inch
I am so happy this one is finished.  It was a little more involved than the alpacas and the cows.  As I look at this I can see that the Arkansas River in Kansas inspired this.  I took many walks along that river.  People complain about the mess that geese leave everywhere and it's true it can be a big fat mess, but it always washes away with the rain eventually. 

Lately I have been really enjoying John Dalton's podcast Gently Does It.  The interviews are often very informative and inspiring.  You can see a list of all his episodes here.   I was excited to see so many artists on there that I have admired and followed for years...Andrea Kowch, Brad Kunkle, Katie O'Hagan, Zoey Frank, David Kassan and Ali Cavanaugh. All of them are realist painters which I have always been facinated with even though I have no desire to paint realistically.   I really enjoyed learning about Jane Filer and looking at her fun, colorful, intuitive style..what an inspiring human being she is, so much joyful energy.  Now I want to attend one of her openings and dance around in one of her heads!

This week I watched the documentary called Everybody Knows Elizabeth Murray.  She paved some new ground as an artist and was really up against some odds.  I thought her story was very moving.  Here's the trailer.  I rented mine on Amazon, but it may be available elsewhere.

Have a great week.
♥ Lisa

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Lot of Snow and What I am Working On

I am sitting here on a cold day recovering from some oral surgery I put off way too long.  I am full of pain medications, so I hope whatever I write here makes good sense.

We have had so much snow here in Colorado and the locals tell me it is just getting started.  Most of it occurs in February and March.  I love snow, but the late ones take some getting used to for me because in Kansas it starts to feel like spring in those months.  The birds are starting to show up, the days are longer and warmer and the air smells like spring.  Not that Kansas never gets snow in those months, but the usual is what I just said.  I am pretty sure I will adjust just fine.  It is lovely here.

I am working on a painting containing geese and another surprise in the composition.  The surprise is the fun part and I don't want to give it away.  It's taken a long time because I have been layering the oil paints and glazing quite a bit, so it all needs to dry between the layers otherwise it becomes a muddy mess.

In the meantime, I've been sketching a lot with acrylic paint in my hardback sketchbooks.  The above was done after a neighborhood walk.  The one below was done while cooking dinner.  I love olives and munch on a few while I cook...along with a glass of wine-yum!  The olives on the left were painted with care and the ones on the right were blobbed on with my fingertip.  I think I like the one on the right best.  Friends on my Instagram said the same thing.

I have enjoyed sketching these so much, I decided to try to do this more regularly.  It feels more free to paint in a sketchbook where you know it will not hang in a show or sell online.  

The above photo was taken last year and I just came across it.  The painting is one I did called They Have Come to Bring Us Spring and it's going to be shown at the Art on the Mesa show at Gold Hills Mesa Community Center in Colorado Springs.  The opening reception is February 7,  5-7 pm and the show will be up through May 1st.  This will be my first Colorado show so I am very excited to be participating with two wonderful artists:  Lelia Davis and Phyllis Davis.  I met Phyllis at Julie Ford Oliver's workshop years ago and it was Julie who helped reconnect me to Phyllis so that I could be a part of this.  I am so grateful!  I will share photos of the show after it happens.

This is a view from our backyard deck.  Snow snow snow!

But isn't it beauitful when the sun is shining?  This is a scene on a neighborhood path I take during my daily walks.  Sometimes I just can't believe what I am seeing.  The mountains have such a presence.  So quiet, yet so rugged and wild at the same time.  I am enjoying leaving footprints everywhere I go here. :)

I hope you are having a good month of January.  I am going to close for now and take a nap!  

Until next time!
♥ Lisa

Monday, January 7, 2019

Cows and Chairs, Horace Pippin, and Past Paintings

Cows and Chairs
oil on canvas
11 x 14 inch
I have been enjoying doing these paintings with playful combinations.  I started on another idea, but it will be the last for a while because I want to get back to painting rooms and figures.  I am sure the inspiration for this one stems from growing up in Kansas and my love for chairs.  A friend said she can now imagine cows being like spotted leather chairs out in a field.  I love that.  

Recently I discovered the work of Horace Pippin.  I love the intimate family rooms he composes and his use of patterns, particularly in some of the women's clothing.  

Horace Pippin's "Domino Players" 1943

Horace Pippin's "Asleep" 1943
I bought the book I Tell My Heart:  The Art of Horace Pippin and it is a gook one with plenty of colored photos of his art and a lot of information about him.  He was self-taught.

I like to revisit old paintings from time to time and these two are from January 2014, five years ago.  My style has changed in ways, not in others.  I used to work in a lot more mixed media than I do now.  I prefer oils these days because I think the colors come out more vibrant when I use them.

Bree in a Dreamweaver Coat
mixed media

Winter's Blessing
mixed media
I hope your new year is off to a great start!

Until next time!
♥ Lisa