Friday, June 8, 2018

Sister Was Responsible and a Little Peek at Our New Place in Colorado

Sister Was Responsible
mixed media on canvas 16 x 20 inch

It felt great to work on this over the last two weeks and finally finish it.  Boy was it a pain to photograph for some reason.  This photo was actually take with my cell phone!  Would you believe it came out more true to the colors than my fancy camera.  Go figure.  But here it is!

This was painted from a vintage photo of a very serious looking little girl and her what I assume to be younger brother.  It got me thinking about the people I know who often had to look after their younger siblings when they were growing up.  I was the youngest of six, so I have no idea what that is like.  They say your birth order has A LOT to do with the personality you develop and I believe this is true.  Don't you?  Which reminds me of the book The Birth OrderHave you heard of it?  I have never read it, but it has always interested me.  If I can ever find the time I plan to read it.

Speaking of finding time, I am spending most of my time these days getting to know this new-to-us state.  This is a photo of our neighborhood...a HUGE change from the gentle Kansas landscape and the old tree-lined neighborhood we lived in.  This is Castle Rock and it is very open and more desert-like.  

See that spiky plant?  Desert.  But beautiful for sure.  I think this is a Yucca plant.  Correct me if I am wrong.

I walk this area regularly because I love how quiet it is and it's near our house.  My dog Hurley loves it too.  And yes...that's a New York hat.  I will probably always favor the east coast since I was born there.  :)

I will show you more of Colorado soon! I am going out regularly to photograph this beautiful and lively place we now call home. I would like to get this rusty old blog up and running again if I can find the time and make the effort.  Wish me luck!

Until then...

Have a great weekend!

♥ Lisa