Friday, June 8, 2018

Sister Was Responsible and a Little Peek at Our New Place in Colorado

Sister Was Responsible
mixed media on canvas 16 x 20 inch

It felt great to work on this over the last two weeks and finally finish it.  Boy was it a pain to photograph for some reason.  This photo was actually take with my cell phone!  Would you believe it came out more true to the colors than my fancy camera.  Go figure.  But here it is!

This was painted from a vintage photo of a very serious looking little girl and her what I assume to be younger brother.  It got me thinking about the people I know who often had to look after their younger siblings when they were growing up.  I was the youngest of six, so I have no idea what that is like.  They say your birth order has A LOT to do with the personality you develop and I believe this is true.  Don't you?  Which reminds me of the book The Birth OrderHave you heard of it?  I have never read it, but it has always interested me.  If I can ever find the time I plan to read it.

Speaking of finding time, I am spending most of my time these days getting to know this new-to-us state.  This is a photo of our neighborhood...a HUGE change from the gentle Kansas landscape and the old tree-lined neighborhood we lived in.  This is Castle Rock and it is very open and more desert-like.  

See that spiky plant?  Desert.  But beautiful for sure.  I think this is a Yucca plant.  Correct me if I am wrong.

I walk this area regularly because I love how quiet it is and it's near our house.  My dog Hurley loves it too.  And yes...that's a New York hat.  I will probably always favor the east coast since I was born there.  :)

I will show you more of Colorado soon! I am going out regularly to photograph this beautiful and lively place we now call home. I would like to get this rusty old blog up and running again if I can find the time and make the effort.  Wish me luck!

Until then...

Have a great weekend!

♥ Lisa


  1. I'm so glad you contacted me, Lisa. Several months ago, my blog had a meltdown and I lost all my contacts on my left sidebar. Over the months, I have tried to get them back, but, since this is the first I've heard from you since the meltdown, I had no real way to contact you until now. And I am certainly glad you did. Yes, it's a lot different from living in Riverside with the lovely old trees and houses that are not sardined together. But your new home is gorgeous. It looks like a very new community and more than likely even safer than Riverside.

    Riverfest is in its eight day and the heat and humidity are stifling. And that is definitely a yucca plant. I had some in MO, and when I moved to Wichita, I brought them with me, but the weather killed them.

    You have created a beautiful painting, and I hope to see more in the future. Since you gave me permission to add you to my left sidebar before, I'm hoping you will do so again. That way, possibly I can stay better in touch with you. Keep painting, please, because I always love your art.

    1. How frustrating for you to lose your contacts Elizabeth! Yes, please add me again. I heard Riverfest has been going well, but yes... warm as usual. I missed it this year.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment. Keep on creating!!

  2. Hi Lisa! Just wanted to take the time to let you know I was here and wanted to wish you the best in your new home in Colorado. Wow, I didn’t realize parts of Colorado were more desert like. I haven’t really visited, just driven through. Your neighborhood looks lovely and I bet you have a nice house. Hurley must love his walks there. I hope you enjoy discovering new and wonderful things and share them here. Always happy to see your art. ❤️

    1. Hi Becca!! I am happy you stopped by. I checked out your blog and was going to comment but saw you’re not posting there. Your blog was always so beautiful.

      Yes, Colorado is very arid climate they call it. You have to carry your lip balm and hand cream everywhere you go. Hurley seems to like it here, but we are all still adjusting to the altitude. I can’t climb the stairs without getting winded!!

  3. Oh, that western light, so different to eastern light! It'll be
    interesting to see how it changes your painting. Happy you're
    settled and painting again.

    1. Hi Patty! Thank you! I am looking at my beautiful painting of Hurley here in my living room right now. :)

      Hope all is well in your life!

  4. The painting is truly fabulous, Lisa. it is powerful and sensitive at the same time. It appears the break did you good.
    High desert is my fav. Yes, the Yucca plant amazes. It moves from the velvety petals of the blossoms into hard seed pods of complex ribbing. At Christmas the dried ones are often outdoor Christmas decorations strung with lights and ornaments. They snap off at the base of the stalk when completely dries out.
    Looking forward to your photos. I loved my time in the Denver area and it brings it all back.

    1. I am slowly, but surely adapting to these new surroundings. Appreciating the open views was great advice Julie! Thank you. Now I just might have to google how to make a Christmas wreath with dried yucca plants! Thank you for you and for kind words.

  5. So good to see you Lisa! Where you are living, looks gorgeous!
    Truly love your painting! Big Hugs!


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