Thursday, September 13, 2018

Paintings This Summer and Life in Colorado

Commission #1

Commission #2

Hello Everyone!  How have you been this summer?  It has been a very active one for me, packed full of art, exploring Colorado - my new home state, and spending time with friends and family.  We had 22 visitors total this summer!  We have a running joke about being able to put "Bed and Breakfast Owner" on our resume.  Ha ha!  But seriously, it was a blessing to spend time with special people.  We talked, we walked, we ate, we laughed...all the good stuff!  

I did these two commission paintings for a friend this summer.  They are to be gifts for two of his aunts.  The boy in the painting is his father in childhood.  They were so fun to do, and a challenge to get a likeness between the two paintings.  

Brown Sofa
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch
I have been working a on a series of interior paintings, all of them are 4 x 6 inch.  I love the challenge of working small.   These are available in my Etsy shop.  Link is HERE.

Nina's Sleep Space
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Library for Two
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Room in Yellow
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Room With Doll
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Starry Night Bedroom
oil on panel 4 x 6inch
Bedroom With Blue Flowers
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Kitchen With Orange Tile
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

I think Starry Night Bedroom is my favorite of these.  I started to paint some small houses the other day, but I am missing painting people, so I started them again yesterday.

my studio
My studio space has been well broken into now.  

Besides painting and enjoying all the visits we have had, I have been taking some time to put together our new living space.  I found this broken wing angel at an antique store for only $5.  She HAD to come home with me and we can see her from our kitchen table out on the deck.  I love seeing her out there.

And there has been plenty of hiking too!  Colorado is all about the outdoors which is truly wonderful.  I can't has been a BIG adjustment to move to a new state at the age of 50 after being in Kansas most our lives, but for now this feels like a gift we should take advantage of for as long as we are here.  

Until next time...

♥ Lisa