Sunday, May 1, 2022

Around Here Lately


Simply Worth Noticing
oil on canvas 20x16 inch

It has turned so green here in Kansas.  I have been buzzing about the house and yard, planting flowers in pots and planters, and taking long walks in my neighborhood and nearby parks.  

Room With Yellow Chair and Shadows
oil on canvas 18x18 inch

I was painting a lot, but that has slowed down quite a bit.  The warmer weather always beckons in both work and play.  And I am working on other projects which I will share about in the future.

Interior With Two Cats
mixed media 9x12 inch

The above painting was inspired by scenes from my own house.  We sadly had to say goodbye to one of our cats in March.  Our sweet Peet was 17.  


I wish to close on a lighter note to share a short video of a hike I went on recently.  It is at Swanson Park which a nature preservation area close to my home.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Until next time.