Friday, August 30, 2013

Ragamuffin Rena

Ragamuffin Rena
papers, gel medium, acrylic, glazing medium and ink
16 x 20 inch on stretched canvas

So which one is Ragamuffin?  Bet you can't guess.  I was excited about this painting and couldn't wait to show you, my blog friends.  

I hope tonight...for the opening reception at my show I look a little more like a Rena than a Ragamuffin. I think Rena has a better chance at selling art, don't you? :)

Huge warm hugs, thank yous, and high fives to all of you for the good luck wishes. I appreciate you all so much and I will be imagining you are there with me tonight.

♥ Lisa

PS:  I won't be doing a Share Sunday post this weekend...need some rest.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spanish Harlem is Finally Finished!

Spanish Harlem
oil, acrylic, tea bag (the dress) , ink, gel, glaze, oil pastels, Pitt pen
on 24 x 18 x 1.5 inch canvas

I have been a painting maniac lately and I probably have about seven paintings I could post, but Spanish Harlem deserves a post all its own because it was a bear-of-a-painting to do.  Lots of lines in the buildings, every little crevice and corner calling for a different tone or value from the other.  Oh how I wish I had this color thing down, but I am self taught and it is what it is.  However, I am happy with it. 

detail of Spanish Harlem

With this painting I learned don't like to work with oils on such a large surface or on canvas.  I prefer oil on paper and for right now probably on a surface no larger than a 9 x 12". Oil overwhelms me, which is why this painting came to a screeching halt after the block-in was done.  I have much more control with acrylic and it's so much easier to wipe away mistakes.  However, oil is so blendable and the soft look of them is so pleasing, so I will keep working with those too.   

testing it out on the wall

So that's that.  Done!  

looks so different in outdoor light

Happy Tuesday!  Thank you for all your kind comments and visits.  I love hearing from you and I am doing my best to reciprocate.  Without you, there would be no point to this blog.

♥ Lisa