Saturday, September 12, 2015

Inspiration of Sia's Song

Inspiration of Sia's Song
mixed media on canvas 12 x 12"

Some time last year my son sent me a link to a video he said I would probably like.  It was the music video to Sia's hit song called Chandelier, and I had never heard of neither singer nor song, being the "not-so-with-it" middle aged woman that I am.  For those younger ones reading, this will be old news to you.

Anyway, the video stars a young dancer by the name of Maddie Ziegler and in it she sports a platinum blonde wig which we assume represents Sia as herself.  It is filmed in a barren home of some sort and the young girl dances and flips about in a bizarre fashion all over the place.  What struck me most about the video was the fact that she was only 11 years old and could dance like she was 20.  I was emotionally moved watching her, and all of America must have felt the same because she was invited to perform her dance on The Ellen Show along with Sia.

Fast forward months later, I began thinking about the video once again and this painting was born.   And thanks to my son, I am a fan of Sia now too.  

Here's the video if you are interested.  It's worth watching if you appreciate dance and also popular music.