Saturday, June 11, 2022

Working in Mixed Media Again


Lady in Red
mixed media 9x12

Woman With Granny Squares
mixed media 9x12

Coffee Date
mixed media 9x12 

I have been working in mixed media again and it has been so enjoyable to use all the different tools I have. It is like revisiting an old friend.  The textures, the colors, the glue, the glazes, the depth that is created is so different from oil painting.  Since Kansas can be so humid in the summer, I decided to go back to acrylic painting and mixed media.  These are all done on heavy watercolor paper and then adhered to a wooden board with a cradle.  The available paintings are in my Etsy shop.  

I think that "Lady in Red" was inspired by this photo of a building.  I took the photo last week while out exploring the Flint Hills with a friend.  We have had so much rain, everything is glowing green right now. I love Kansas in May and June.