Thursday, November 8, 2018

Kitchen With Ocean View

Kitchen With Ocean View
oil on canvas 11 x 14 inch
This is the third in my series inspired by Cape Cod.  It was my first time painting lobster and crab as my son pointed out.  :)

I have two more I will post soon and then I think I will be finished with this series.  For now anyways. 

Until then...
♥ Lisa

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bedroom With Harbor View

Bedroom With Harbor View
oil on cradled board 9 x 12 inch

This is the third painting in my Cape Cod inspired series and there are three others in progress.  Colorado is gorgeous right now, so I am a bit distracted by the outdoors.

The week before last, I got to spend some time in New Mexico.  I had a wonderful time looking at some really beautiful art in Santa Fe.  I also had the pleasure of meeting an artist who's work I have admired for several years now...Gigi MillsMeeting her and seeing her art in person for the first time was absolutely delightful!  Her art is so soulful to me.  I just love it.  She is best known as a painter, but her sculptures are very special too - take a look at the link to see some of her work at GF Contemporary. 

I also got to see my dear friend in Las Cruces, Julie Ford Oliver.  Julie and I first met through our blogs, then met in person in 2014 shortly after my mother's passing.  Julie has a heart of gold and reached out by inviting me to her home so that I could attend a workshop she was teaching at her studio.  It was medicine for my hurting heart.  Then the following year she came to teach at the gallery I was in at the time Tessera Fine Art Gallery  in Wichita, Kansas.  Julie's art is extremely beautiful, always sells out, and her skill as a painter is very evident when you look at her work. 

Until next time,
♥ Lisa

Monday, October 1, 2018

New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder
oil on canvas 18 x 24 inch
Last year in the month of August my husand and I took a wonderful trip to Cape Cod.  It was a getaway trip so that we could recharge ourselves and discuss what is now our in Colorado.  I felt so inspired everywhere we went on the Cape...the beach...the pier walks...the walks in town...and of course the sand dunes.  It is truly a wonderful place of rest and peace.  I felt especially connected to it because my parents lived there in the first year of their marriage in 1954 and I remember stories of Old Cape Cod told over and over by my mother.  She loved it there.  The entire trip I found myself imagining my young parents just starting their lives mother a Kansas girl who had never been away from home really, and my father a handsome young man in the Air Force.  What a time it must have been for them.  And then there we were, Vic and I, middled aged, empty nest, talking about beginning our own new adventure.  

I took a multitude of photographs while there and started a painting last year with the intention of painting a series inspired by our time on the Cape.  I did finish the painting below last October, just before packing for our move. I do not paint beach scenes often, so it was a challenge to paint the ocean.  The sunsets were a sight on the pastel and a soft light you could almost touch.

What They Do At Nauset
oil on canvas 16 x 20 inch
If you are not on Instagram or Facebook I posted a short studio clip video of New England Clam Chowder in the making that you can watch below.  

I am continuing to work on this series of Cape Cod-inspired stories and it feels so good to be settled and focused again.  

And here's a little video in honor of my parents and especially my late mother who loved this song so much.

Until next time!
♥ Lisa

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Paintings This Summer and Life in Colorado

Commission #1

Commission #2

Hello Everyone!  How have you been this summer?  It has been a very active one for me, packed full of art, exploring Colorado - my new home state, and spending time with friends and family.  We had 22 visitors total this summer!  We have a running joke about being able to put "Bed and Breakfast Owner" on our resume.  Ha ha!  But seriously, it was a blessing to spend time with special people.  We talked, we walked, we ate, we laughed...all the good stuff!  

I did these two commission paintings for a friend this summer.  They are to be gifts for two of his aunts.  The boy in the painting is his father in childhood.  They were so fun to do, and a challenge to get a likeness between the two paintings.  

Brown Sofa
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch
I have been working a on a series of interior paintings, all of them are 4 x 6 inch.  I love the challenge of working small.   These are available in my Etsy shop.  Link is HERE.

Nina's Sleep Space
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Library for Two
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Room in Yellow
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Room With Doll
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Starry Night Bedroom
oil on panel 4 x 6inch
Bedroom With Blue Flowers
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

Kitchen With Orange Tile
oil on panel 4 x 6 inch

I think Starry Night Bedroom is my favorite of these.  I started to paint some small houses the other day, but I am missing painting people, so I started them again yesterday.

my studio
My studio space has been well broken into now.  

Besides painting and enjoying all the visits we have had, I have been taking some time to put together our new living space.  I found this broken wing angel at an antique store for only $5.  She HAD to come home with me and we can see her from our kitchen table out on the deck.  I love seeing her out there.

And there has been plenty of hiking too!  Colorado is all about the outdoors which is truly wonderful.  I can't has been a BIG adjustment to move to a new state at the age of 50 after being in Kansas most our lives, but for now this feels like a gift we should take advantage of for as long as we are here.  

Until next time...

♥ Lisa

Friday, June 8, 2018

Sister Was Responsible and a Little Peek at Our New Place in Colorado

Sister Was Responsible
mixed media on canvas 16 x 20 inch

It felt great to work on this over the last two weeks and finally finish it.  Boy was it a pain to photograph for some reason.  This photo was actually take with my cell phone!  Would you believe it came out more true to the colors than my fancy camera.  Go figure.  But here it is!

This was painted from a vintage photo of a very serious looking little girl and her what I assume to be younger brother.  It got me thinking about the people I know who often had to look after their younger siblings when they were growing up.  I was the youngest of six, so I have no idea what that is like.  They say your birth order has A LOT to do with the personality you develop and I believe this is true.  Don't you?  Which reminds me of the book The Birth OrderHave you heard of it?  I have never read it, but it has always interested me.  If I can ever find the time I plan to read it.

Speaking of finding time, I am spending most of my time these days getting to know this new-to-us state.  This is a photo of our neighborhood...a HUGE change from the gentle Kansas landscape and the old tree-lined neighborhood we lived in.  This is Castle Rock and it is very open and more desert-like.  

See that spiky plant?  Desert.  But beautiful for sure.  I think this is a Yucca plant.  Correct me if I am wrong.

I walk this area regularly because I love how quiet it is and it's near our house.  My dog Hurley loves it too.  And yes...that's a New York hat.  I will probably always favor the east coast since I was born there.  :)

I will show you more of Colorado soon! I am going out regularly to photograph this beautiful and lively place we now call home. I would like to get this rusty old blog up and running again if I can find the time and make the effort.  Wish me luck!

Until then...

Have a great weekend!

♥ Lisa

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Small Paintings and a Move to Colorado

Table With Plates and Things
acrylic on panel 5 x 7 inch
available here

Hello there!  In May 2017 the possibility of relocating to Colorado came into our world.  Needless to say it has been a topic that has consumed us all these months, and in the middle of April it will become our reality...we are moving one state over to the Denver area of Colordo. 

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know how exciting this is because I love the outdoors.  What better place to be than near the magestic mountains?  And again, if you have followed this blog for long, you probably know how bittersweet this move will be because I love the comforts of home...having family and friends nearby is something I treasure.  It is going to be very hard to leave them and to not have them to call on for a walk or a meal together.  Technology is going to be our saving grace to stay connected.  That and trips home.  Thank goodness it is only an eight hour drive and Denver will be a direct flight to everywhere.

Chair and Dresser
acrylic on canvas panel 5 x 7 inch
available here

In between all the cleaning and sifting through things before we pack it all up, I have made a little time to paint which helps keep me sane. I have been painting in mostly oil for some time, but it really was nice to use acrylics again.  The fast drying time makes it so easy to put the idea down and so much easier to correct things.

Take care...until next time!

♥ Lisa

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rest Requires Releasing and the Meaning Behind the Painting

Rest Requires Releasing
oil on paper 16 x 20 inch

It is hard to believe it has been five months since I have posted here, but on the other hand it is not.  At the beginning of the year I was at lunch with several friends and one of them said he would like to kick 2017 in the behind and right on out the door.  My sentiments exactly.  I could not have said it better.  Last year was a rough one.  However, rather than lamenting here on this public space about how hard life can be, I would much rather write about things that bring hopeful thoughts and a spirit of peace because that attitude has always served me better than hanging onto what cannot be changed.  There is so much in life we have no control over and if we accept this, we are much better off.  We can be more productive, we can be more at peace, we can love others better, we can have rest inside our souls, and this is what inspired this painting.

When I was a child, I used to love letting helium balloons go into the sky.  What child didn't, right?  It was always a special thing to be given a helium balloon, and whenever I was given one, I remember I used to worry that it would slip out of my grasp too soon.  I wanted to position myself in just the right place to release it, making sure it would not get caught in a tree, or the sun would not hinder my view of it once I let it go.  I remember the thrill of opening my hand and watching it slowly and quietly float upward, becoming smaller and smaller until it was a tiny speck in the sky and then it would vanish.  In my child's mind it seemed to always carry something from me to some unknown place, to some unknown person, and once that person found the balloon we would be forever connected in some mysterious universal way.


That childhood memory gave me the foundation for the idea of this painting which has been dancing around in my mind for a couple of years.  I was considering making it one of the paintings in my Finding Faith series, but committing to a full blown Faith project seemed really daunting to me at this time.  Getting multiple people together, finding costumes and props, the video, the photos, it was going to require energy I didn't have.  I finally decided to just paint it.


The chairs were an idea that evolved as I worked and they became the symbol of the rest we so need and long for in hard times.  I also thought about how during the bad times in our lives, there can often be something good that is tied to them.  Sometimes bad times can make us more resilient and wise, or make us appreciate life a little more, or live it a little better than before.  Bad times can teach us gratitude for the good and more about WHO we are and WHAT we are about as individual souls.  That is why I painted the balloons in the sky white.


In the closing of the first month in 2018, I still find myself looking back and feeling really sad about all that occurred in 2017, and there are still sad things very present. There are several different "balloons in my grasp" that I am working to let go of and some days are better than others.  Letting go takes time.

The key for me in getting through hard times is recognizing where I have control and where I don't.  And once I sort that out, I am able to let go, and feel more peace.  Restorative rest finally comes.  And even if that rest is only for a day or for an hour, I am grateful for it.

Wishing you peace, joy and love always.  Thanks for reading.