Thursday, March 7, 2024

Three Nocturnal Paintings


House at Night With Clouds
oil on linen panel 6x4 inch

Whether it is in photography or in paint, a night scene has a special quietness.  I love the challenge of capturing that quietness in a painting.

Nocturnal Reading
oil on linen panel
7x5 inch

I'm still painting every morning, beginning just after the coffee is made.  I have four lights in my workspace.  This habit has inspired many "darker" paintings and night scenes.  All of these compositions are imaginative. 

Green Bedroom at Night
oil on linen panel 
7x5 inch

These paintings can be purchased from me directly by contacting me or you can visit my Etsy shop.  Shipping is free in USA.

These paintings are on a linen canvas panel and will fit into most standard frames.  

Here is my studio recently.  This photo was taken during the day, so it's much brighter than when I work.  In the foreground is my guitar that I never play.  I tried to pick it up again, but I guess I am just too scattered right now.

Last Fall I planted 175 bulbs.  They are starting to pop up all over the place and it's fun to go out each day and see new ones.

Painting will start to take a back seat now that garden season is here.  This has been becoming my rhythm.

I added this chandelier that I found at an antique store recently and it added some charm to the patio.  It doesn't work, but the bulbs catch the light and sparkle.  I am excited to grow a vine of some kind on the trellis.  That will be so beautiful.  

Until next time! 


  1. Lisa, you captured the House at Night beautifully, I feel a story unfolding in my mind as I look at it.
    I feel the joy your art, and creating it, gives you. That puts a smile on my face.
    175 bulbs, my goodness, but then it looks like you have a large property and it must look pretty now as they dance in the sun. I have a few, maybe 30 or so, and a few crocuses.
    I was looking out at my front garden, a zen garden that has been a work in progress for years...with coffee in hand, standing at my front window, I imagine all it could be and that seems, for now, to be enough.
    The chandelier is a whimsical addition it adds something old world to the space. And, I hope you post more photos when you have something climbing the trellis.
    Happy painting, and gardening. Enjoy them both. :)

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