Monday, April 26, 2021

Country Drives Are So Inspiring


I drove to Peck, Kansas yesterday, a small town not far.  I was on the search for colors and textures and I found so many.  Here are a few from the trip.  I always find myself wishing I could plop a blanket down in the middle of a field and just take it in for a while.  Maybe take a nap while listening to the birds and the quiet breeze.  Perhaps one of these days I will stumble onto a public place where I can do that.  

Sometimes when I go on a photo shoot, I take a lot of video and then make a video out of it all, using videos and photographs.  Most of the video was too shaky this round because it was so windy.  If you want to see the nature videos I make, you can see them on YouTube.  The link is HERE.  It is just another way I like to create.  I used to just share them on my Facebook, but I am going to start uploading them to YouTube from now on so that I can keep them in one neat place.

Friday, April 23, 2021

My Mother's Bed


My Mother's Bed
acrylic on canvas 16x12 inch

When I think of my mother, I often think of her bed. That sounds funny, doesn't it. But it is true, and I will tell you why.  My mother ran a daycare for most of my childhood years and her bedroom was sort of like a breakroom at the office for her.   She would retreat there for a private phone conversation while the daycare kids were napping, or to smoke a cigarette, listen to music or read her books in the evenings, all three of which she did heavily.  It was a place that she seemed to love, and often that was where she could be found.  She was more on the bed than in it as I recall.  Come to think of it, she actually preferred sleeping on the sofa.  I am guessing she felt less alone on the sofa that in her queen-size bed after her and my father divorced.   

As a young girl and into my teenage years, I used to sit on her bed and we would look at pictures, listen to her records,  and go through her jewelry.  She had a fantastic costume jewelry collection.  Her mirrored dresser was positioned at the foot of her bed and while she brushed her hair or put on her makeup,  I would sit and watch, keeping her company.  We had the deepest conversations on that bed and that is the memory I love most.  My mother was a talker, and a listener, and a deep thinker, and it was on her bed with the jade colored bedspread covered in bright flowers that I learned these skills from her.  

Fast forward years later to her small apartment in the retirement building she resided in until her final day, her bedroom was still a meeting place.  She loved to watch movies and there we would sit side by side, legs stretched out, eating crunchy snacks and chocolate things, watching everything from Casa Blanca to Mama Mia.  When my older sister lived in Kansas for a few years, she and mom and I had the best Sundays together in that bedroom laughing, talking and watching movies.  She had a living room that also had a TV, but she preferred the coziness and comfort of her bed.  We still would pull out photo albums and look at her old jewelry from time to time.  And we always talked about everything.  

My mother died in her sleep seven years ago this coming July at the age of 80.  She had a bad heart and we all knew her time was limited.  She went just how she wanted to go...painlessly and independent.  She also was ON her bed rather than IN it, which I find so ironic now.  Ironic, but somehow beautiful.

Monday, April 19, 2021

French Press

French Press
oil on canvas 20x16 inch
available here


Painted for the love of pretty cafes, coffee and good conversation.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Making Sketchbook Videos

 I have been making short video of drawings in my sketchbook.  I started uploading these little clips to my YouTube channel.  I use my iPhone to make these and an app called Splice.  It is really fun and I enjoy creating these little clips.  

I read that Blogger is doing away with the Feedburner widget.  I have no clue how anyone can subscribe to my blog by email without this.  If anyone knows of an alternative, please let me know.  

Happy Weekend everyone!

Monday, April 12, 2021

New Art, New Home

New Mexico Kitchen
mixed media on paper
available here

I moved again, but this time it is more permanent.  I feel like I have just returned from a very long long trip.  It started in 2018 when Vic and I moved to Colorado.  We lived there until June of last year, then moved back into our old Riverside neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas last June.  They say people often return home after moving away.  It turned out to be true for us.  We rented a house on the river while looking for a home to purchase, and with the market being a bit fast and crazy right now, finding a Riverside home that suited us turned out to be difficult.  However as luck would have it, a really wonderful modest sized midcentury home not far away turned out to be a great fit.  There are windows and outdoor spaces surrounding the house and it is just wonderful.  Ironically, my studio is the darkest room in the house so I have a lot of lights turned on when I am in it working.  I love it though.  It is a great little room to work in.

mixed media works on paper
5x7 inch
available here

I am slowly getting back to painting and finding a rhythm again.  I have been doing some works on paper lately, something I get a lot of requests for.  I also have some oil paintings on wood in progress.  I am really all over the place right now, but loving every minute of it.

Here are a few peeks at our home and until then, take care!