Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Young Countess in an Almost Empty Room and its Inspiration

Young Countess in an Almost Empty Room
acrylic, oil pastel, colored pencil and ink
on 9 x 12 inch birch panel

David Lloyd paints the most incredible interiors.  He recently had a show in New Orleans and I wish so much I could have seen it.  Watching him make one beautiful interior painting after another in preparations for his show inspired me to paint this interior in my own style.  Well..him and Edouard Vuillard

 I bought a book called Edouard Vuillard - a Painter and His Muses, 1890-1940 and when I saw the painting on page 94 Portrait of the Countess Marie-Blanche de Polignac I just had to do my own interior.  Vuillard's painting was a huge guide for me as I did this piece.

Here's what I did...

 First I "drew" the room...the corners, floor, ceiling and window placement.  I decided to keep it simple with only the chair, rug and standing figure rather than try to get too detailed (respecting my limitations as a painter) and I placed everything in one room rather than having two visible rooms like Vuillard's painting. 

 I loved the bedspread in his painting and tried to get some similar colors and designs into the dress of the countess.  At first she was dressed in something very modern looking...kind of a skinny jean outfit, but that just didn't look right in this old fashioned room so I quickly changed her clothing to a dress...the ease of acrylic!  I know changes can be done in oil too, but I think it's much harder.  It either turns muddy, or if you wipe it away you have to start over and for me getting the same matching colors is tough.  If I have to make corrections in oil, I often have to change the whole area because of this.  

  I have had a few people ask me recently where my inspiration comes from and this is one of the ways my paintings are done...taking bits and pieces from a painting I love.  I would say that my favorite way to paint is still just to start laying down color and going with it...allowing the painting to "reveal" itself.  However, painting something that is inspired like my painting above is what teaches me the most.  I learn a little about drawing and color each time I paint this way. 

The sun is shining bright...yard work today.  My show at the gallery is Friday and our son KC is playing his keyboard at the event!  It is good to know people in high places. :)

 I will post about the show Monday.  Thank you for all your comments and well wishes everyone!  You all are awesome!!

Have a beautiful day and weekend!

♥ Lisa


  1. Excellent, Lisa.
    I do not know or do not see your limitations as a painter.
    this is (or should be) an open discipline, obviously, there are some requirements that must be met, but I think you have, and unfold all the conditions to be an artist
    (and to be modest, to say you have limitations, it is an important condition, I detest the arrogant artists)
    in this painting I think you've gotten a exceptional intimate atmosphere, I can "see" the silence in that room.
    I congratulate you!

  2. Lisa...

    It's an honor to be mentioned in this post...I'm proud to have partially inspired such a delicate piece. If openly admiring my work calls your taste into question, your love of Vuillard redeems it entirely. Break a leg Friday...looking forward to an update on how things go.


  3. Lisa i love your inspiration and i can't wait to see the photos of your upcoming show!

  4. I always love to view your work : )

  5. Hi love interiors fun to hear about what inspires you..!!Love your painting..

  6. This is so cool Lisa, and so fun to read about the inspiration for the piece!

  7. How fun is this! I think she could easily write and illustrate a book! I wonder if there is someone out there who could teach ME how to paint interiors. Do you know?

  8. I love the whole painting, but especially LOVE the room...makes me think of my parent's bedroom as a child with big blue cabbage roses on the walls. xox

  9. Wow it's so lovely and atmospheric Lisa! I can imagine that as a stop frame animation but then I do love stop frame animation! :)
    Jess x x

  10. beautiful, lisa! and i see vuillard right away! i love the way the ceiling, wall, and floor come together...

    gonna write soon - it's sunny here too!


  11. Fantastic painting Lisa!! Lots of meaning in your art! I hope you got your yard work done ;o)

  12. Excellent painting, Lisa... Your work is always so unique!!!

  13. the room is brilliant...what a good painting!

  14. lisa have fun at your show tonight - take photos!!!!!!!

  15. It was interesting read how you received your inspiration Lisa, thanks for the links!
    It is great fun to create such a room for the young countess, each detail roused curiosity, loved this piece a lot!

  16. what a beautiful painting lisa. lovenhow younaccomplished the look of those curtains. so inspiring for me who has put aside her paints. i have been sewing more than painting lately, but this painting really got me wanting to paint.

    hope you are enjoying your son's visit. blessings


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