Monday, December 9, 2013

Meridian Fields...the Finished Painting Revealed

detail of Meridian Fields while in progress

I am not sure if you remember this image or was a WIP from several posts oil and cold wax painting.

It is finished now.  It seems to be taking forever to dry...I think it is because of the cold wax.  I can scratch paint off of it rather easily with my fingernail.  I have had to touch up the green grass three times to cover up my scratch marks.

Meridian Fields
oil and cold wax
on 9 x 12 inch gessoed panel
available here

It was inspired by this photo that I took close to home.  The lighting at sunset earlier this fall made these fields glow so beautifully.  

Kansas field
Lisa Graham
Below is some music to go with the art...Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold.
It's a beautiful song that was originally written and performed by Sting.

Have a great start to your week!
♥ Lisa


  1. It's fabulous Lisa! Do you like working with oil/cold wax? I haven't tried it yet. And I love Eva Cassidy! xxoo

    1. Thanks Judy...yes I love it. The texture is nice. It takes a long time to dry though. xo

  2. Love the song, love Eva Cassidy, that was a loss, Adore your painting. xox

  3. Good Morning Lisa,
    Thanks for the translator help. It's now installed and working as promised! I'll thank you also, for those non-English speaking visitors who will now be able to read my words in their own language.

  4. So Fabulous my friend. And I LOVE the Song you loaded here..

    Hope you have a happy week.


  5. This lady stands so so so still on the spot. Just lovely Lisa. A beautiful work! Greetings to you! Norma

  6. Lisa, your painting is stunning! I love her dress! I can see why she isn't for sale! Hugs ;o)

  7. What a beauty!!! So many things to love about this one. I enlarged it and enjoyed it all.
    Eva is a fav of mine too. I have her on Pandora in class.

  8. That was a lovely song so thank you. Like how you paired up your photo with your idea. You got it out!

  9. Lisa, you've captured the light in this picture so well! I saw this on FB earlier, it's lovely. :)
    Jess xx

  10. This is beautiful Lisa! I love the scratching off and the textures! I've never tried cold wax but I love the look of it:)

  11. saw the close up of your beautiful lady and didn't realize she was standing in the fields ... LoVe it!! great composition!

  12. Lisa it's exquisite, truly! Wow! I'd like to know more about the cold wax technique. You've achieved the most breathtakingly beautiful results. I really really love this piece.

  13. I love the scratchy effects and textures of this piece. You have captured the feel of the photograph so well,


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