Monday, February 3, 2014

Bree and the Dreamweaver Coat with Some Photos of my Wall at the Gallery

Bree and the Dreamweaver Coat
8 x 10 inch mixed acrylic, oil pastel and colored pencil on canvas panel

If I had a coat like this one, it would cause some definite dreamweaving because I love anything that looks as bohemian as this.  Plus, with all this winter we all could probably use such a coat.  Right now I am in love with my own Kansas landscape and this painting was inspired by it.

More Kansas in the photo below too.

Image from my Instagram
"this way is #home"

 I'm thinking about nature a lot and how much I love being outside.  I walk every day...even in the cold.  I've been known to walk in 18 degree weather.  Call me crazy, but a good coat, a decent hat and some gloves is all I need and I stay plenty warm.

graphite and colored pencil
sketchbook sweetie

 I had my first Final Friday at Tessera Fine Art Gallery and the photos you see below are the first time I saw my own wall display.  They did a lovely job hanging the art.  It was very slow Friday, so no sales were made.  The nice thing is the art can stay up.  I plan to switch things around every two months.

Through the front windows of Tessera Fine Art Gallery
you can see my paintings on the left

My wall at Tessera Fine Art Gallery
  I have two oil paintings in progress.  They are for my show at City Arts this Spring.

I hope you had a great weekend!

♥ Lisa


  1. what a fabulous painting of Bree! It just captures the cold and winter and I would love to have a coat like that too!

  2. That coat -- and painting is fabulous. I'm a walker too -- we lived in Florida for about 12 years and it took me a while, but now I love my winter walks the best.
    Your gallery wall is so exciting. I don't think people spend money when it's cold -- lol - well they will when they see Bree and her dreamweaver coat. xx

  3. Your gallery paintings looks so beautiful! I love your work.

  4. Love the coat, but her hair even more. The houses are wonderful and gives such a feeling of distance.
    Neat you can see through the window at your wall as well. You made a great grouping.
    I am a daily walker - harder in the heat than the cold. Missing my dog on the walks I so enjoyed watching her pleasure every step of the way.

  5. Good Morning Lisa,
    You're one strong woman to brave the elements and I salute your spirit, Lisa.
    I enjoyed seeing your work in-place and agree that the gallery owner did a fine job hanging the show.
    I'm also sure sales will pick-up once more folks learn your work is there. Sometimes word of mouth works better than any other means of announcing a show. Keep the faith!
    Enjoy your walk!

  6. so wonderful, love your Kansas shots. and I think you need to weave a coat like this for both of's gorgeous! xo

  7. I just love that dream-weaver coat, I had several Afghan coats on my youth and gave them names I loved them so much, they were very long, maxi style made of thick sheepskin and covered in embroidery, oh how I loved them!! Thank you for the trip down memory lane, the gallery looks so beautiful, what a great place to show off your fabulous work!

  8. Your painting is very atmospheric. I can almost feel the cold. I think you come up with some great titles for your paintings .

  9. This morning I could use a beautiful coat like Bree's!

  10. The gallery wall looks great. I want a coat like Bree's too. I am making my shawl just for this reason. xox

  11. Me, too! I would LOVE to have a coat like that!! Your art looks amazing at the gallery!! Keeping my fingers crossed for sales. BTW, I love the painting you completed for your mother-in-law! It is beautiful.
    Have a Great Week.

  12. I love the painting and the coat. I tried to look at it on etsy and see it is gone already! Congratulations. and also on your gallery hanging, well done! Good luck with sales there too. I'm also a walker, my dogs don't let me take a day off but I don't want to anyway.

  13. The wall looks amazing.. and yes, Bree's coat is very bohemian it.

  14. Hi Lisa, I will be featuring your work this Saturday at Real Toads ~

    In the meantime, I have showcased one of your artwork in my post today:

  15. Lisa, your paintings look great in the shop! I am so happy for you! You know I love your latest painting! I know the person who got it, will truly treasure it! I would ;o) Love your home picture ;o) Hugs ;o)

  16. You have a lot of irons in the fire Lisa, wish you lots of sales ! Walking is one of the best things to do 'they' say , so keep it up :-)

  17. hello Lisa,
    This painting is wonderful! I love her coat too! I clicked through to see it in your shop and it is gone, congratulations if you sold it! I agree, 18F is acceptable, xc skied in that yesterday, but tonight is suppose to be -26F, i won't be taking a walk in that!

    So happy for you and your show.

  18. The painting is sooo beautiful! Her blond hair and of course her oh so cool cloak drag me in :) And so lovely to see your art hang on the wall!! Looks beauuutiful!!! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  19. I love the blue painting! It is my favorite!! I thought it was looking like me...hihi..:-) Wish I could have it on my wall!


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