Friday, April 11, 2014


acrylic, papers, gel medium, crackle paste, tea bag, 
oil and cold wax and colored pencil
on 16 x 20 inch panel

Relevé is a ballet term that means to lift up or rise up.  To do this one must be strong and have good balance.   

Here's a little Ballet 101 for you...
stand straight up with your toes slightly turned out...
then lift up on your toes as high as you can keeping your balance...
raise your arms up high parallel along side your ears with fingertips towards the ceiling...
keeping a slight curve in your arms...
keep your abdomen tucked in and shoulders back...
now hold this position, but don't forget to breathe. 

   Do you feel the energy moving through you as your muscles are flexed and stretching? 
 That is relevé.  

You can apply this to life too...rise up above circumstances and you get that same surge of energy...
a head-held-high, confident, undefeated sort of state of mind.  
It's a good place to be.  
However keeping this position is the hard part...
it requires strength and balance. 



Happy Weekend to ALL.  Spring is here is full force and I don't want to miss it, so if I disappear or appear less often, you will know why.  I am lurking on blogs...commenting when I can.  You are all awesome and as always, I am so grateful that you keep coming here to visit.  


  1. Absooolutely wonderful !
    I love it, beautiful details and colors

    Snow is melting here and I'm just looking forward to be outside more often and I'll be less in my blogs.
    Happy Spring and enjoy your time outside Lisa!

  2. Love this piece - it's message, it's details, the colors - love, love, love!
    I am also out in my garden - hardly painting - spring is here!!

  3. I love the movement in this piece and the message. Spring has arrived here in the UK too. The Cherry Blossoms trees are in bloom and the sun is starting to shine which makes life a little brighter. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. this is so darling AND special as are you...thank you for the excercise lessons in are too cute! HAPPY FRIDAY LISA XOXO

  5. smiling... and saying "Yes!"

    : )


  6. wonderful art and I never knew that about ballet..I am not very good at ballet but have just been climbing with my son so good at balancing and stretching too

  7. stunning and beautiful - by the way you are the first one on my 'list' - come over and see!

  8. love the painting and the ballet/life analogy! Fun to learn about dance.

  9. Your art is just pure magic to me!! :-) I love looking at it and making up stories and imagining things! :-)

  10. I love "Releve"...Her pose and the colors are beautiful!!!

  11. Amazing painting! Amazing message! I hope you're having a great weekend ;o)

  12. I feel like I am in wonderland when I see a painting like this. Joyful and captivating.
    I didn't last long in that position. Could it be an age thing!!!!!

    1. An age thing? I think definitely not. :)

  13. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments!

  14. Such a wonderful painting my friend. I can feel the energy! Enjoy the great outdoors, I know I am.


  15. Such a wonderful painting my friend. I can feel the energy! Enjoy the great outdoors, I know I am.



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