Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Year Ago Tomorrow

One year ago tomorrow, this is what was happening.  I painted a portrait using one of my "sketchbook sweeties" (tiny sketches in a tiny Moleskin).  I have always liked this painting.  She is now in a frame hanging in my home studio.

Below are some progressive shots and a little bit about the process.

The photo above is why I don't show progressive photos of my art too often.  Yikes.

 First, I glued down one single sheet of scrapbook paper using gel medium onto a canvas panel.  The paper was cut to fit the 9 x 12 inch surface.

Then I paint directly onto that.  I really love painting on paper, but you have to be so careful.  However, gluing the paper down to sturdy surface like a canvas panel makes it easier to be a little more aggressive with paint and even a little bit of sanding which is what I did here.   

I painted, sanded, painted sanded.  Sanding makes the work look a little aged and it also is great for adding highlights where you want them.

Like the eyes...

or lips.

I used a Pitt pen to make marks on her clothing.  As you can see they are really simple, but when you stand back from the painting it looks pretty neat.

mixed media on 9 x 12 inch canvas panel

Above is the finished painting.  I used oil pastels to highlight the roses and cheeks.  I was tempted to do corrective things like widening the shoulders and trying to make the face more symmetrical, but it just seemed so finished this way so I didn't. 
 I never named it...for some reason I could not think of one for this painting.  

I love to look back at my photos a year ago from the present's like looking through a journal.  
Now I am in the mood to paint with acrylic and get the sandpaper out.


  1. hello Lisa,
    loved seeing your progress photos/stages.
    she is charming.
    sweet summer to you and yours.

  2. When doing an art piece, one always knows when it is done, though it is inexplicable.

  3. NICE looking...I like the distressed look, too!
    Have the perfect SUNDAY, Lias = )

  4. Great post! Such a great was fun seeing how she "progressed"!

  5. I really enjoyed the look back at what you were making at this time last year. Your art always impresses me, since I couldn't possibly do this kind of art, even if paid to do so.

  6. Love the process shots and the textured and marks you achieved in this piece. She has a settled and serene look about her. xox

  7. Lovely work and very interesting hearing about the process you went through

  8. I love seeing your progress shots. You are so unique, living in a world of your own with assuredness.

  9. the progress shots are so fun. As to not liking to show some progress shots, I remember a teacher I had telling me that all paintings have an "ugly" stage. She said it is like an "awkward age" in a doesn't really last long. haha. She did turn out just great...and I am glad we got to see how you did it!

  10. I have only just started working on canvas boards and am unsure whether I like the surface or not. Adhering scrapbook paper sounds like a good idea and the surface looks good in your photos. I love the effect you achieved with the sandpaper. I have tried using it a couple of times but ended up damaging the surface. I must be too heavy handed Lol. I can see why you have her up in your studio she is lovely.

  11. Thank You ever so much for letting us have a glimpse at your work in progress. I really like the finished piece, just as she is.

  12. Scraping and scratching and sanding..... aren't we so blessed to be artists! Hugs to you, Lisa. xo Carole

  13. Lisa, she is stunning and I love seeing the progressive pictures! Amazing how the painting changes! I didn't realize your journal is so small! So cute! I have the perfect name for your painting,.....Lisa ;o) It's you ;o) That's why you couldn't think of a name!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  14. Thanks a million for all the comments everyone!


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