Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Textured Oil Painting.

in progress
oil on 9 x 12 inch panel

In my last post I mentioned an oil painting I had started  during a class I am taking that was all about building texture first.  Here it is at its current stage.  This is definitely a different way to work for me and creates a challenge because I mostly paint with my gut and this way of painting seems to require a lot more thinking ahead than I am used to.  Big bumps and lines can really make a face or an arm look bizarre.

Below is how it started out. I  smeared thick goopy gobs of paint mixed with Gamlin Solvent-Free Gel onto the panel with a palette knife.  The gel helps speed the drying time and adds texture.  The emphasis in this initial layer was all about texture and interesting brush strokes in various places.

Once my background was pleasing, I drew the figures into the paint.  It didn't take long to do all of this and then I had to let it dry...all week...before it was ready to be worked on again without messing up the texture I had created.  That is why I ended up beginning the 16 x 20 inch mixed media piece in the last post.  I needed something to do while this was drying!  So this may be my new rhythm...to do an oil painting in layers and either acrylic, mixed media or drawing in between.

in progress (initial stage)

 Everything done today (the first photo) was in a thin layer so it will dry quickly allowing me to move forward anytime. I just painted details on faces and added some thin strokes of color to the background and clothing. All this was done under the instruction of our teacher in the class Brian Hinkle.  He is an encyclopedia in all things art and has all kinds of different ideas on technique.  Everyone in the class is just doing their own thing and Brian helps us when we need it.  It is a great environment to work in and learn in.

Thank you all for your visits and comments.  I so appreciate it!
See you soon!


  1. Oh Lisa this is going to look amazing when it is finished. I love it already.

  2. I love seeing WIP! Keep experimenting.

  3. such Gorgeous colors and work Lisa. and you are helping me learn more about oils by what you have posted...I thank you immensely! xo

    1. Most welcome Wanda! So glad it has helped you!


  4. Excellent work, Lisa. Wonderful texture in this piece!

  5. Sounds good to have a couple of things going at one time. Glad you are enjoying the class too:)

  6. I love texture and I think you must see the benefits yourself as your work is lovely. Don't forget that what you did before was awesome so whatever you choose, be happy!

  7. Lisa, I am in awwww!!! This is stunning! Well done ;o) Big Hugs ;o)
    (I am honoured you like my book painting)


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