Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is Here...Some Photos and Thoughts About What it Brings

 It's Time for Spring
mixed media on paper 4 x 6 inch

Spring is here at last.  It has been a long winter and it is a relief to see color again.

 Sketchbook Sweeties
graphite in pocket Moleskin

It is time to dust off the bicycle and ride, to sit on the patio and read.

acrylic sketch on paper 9 x 12 inch

Winter had it's moments of quiet inspiration.  There are things about winter to love.

Neighborhood walk in Riverside

However, when the color returns and the birds sing, the heart just seems to lift.

Blooming Bradford Pears downtown near Tessera Gallery

Spring brings new hopes.

8.5 x 11 inch sketchbook  acrylic 

Spring is the time to wake up from the sleepy slumber.

 detail work in progress...oil on 9 x 12 inch panel

I find myself wanting to paint more.  To explore new, new, new.

current state of my wall at Tessera Fine Art Gallery

I have been thinking a lot about my art...what has worked well and what hasn't and where I want to go from here.

Girl in a Birdcage Dress
mixed media on 6 x 6 inch paper

No real profound thoughts about it though...I just feel really thankful deep down in my soul for so many blessings.  The blessings of family, friends, nature and art to name a few. Too many to count really.

So while the flowers are blooming, I hope you have many blessings too.
I will see you in a week...we are off to Montana to see our oldest son, daughter in-law and grandson.

♥ Lisa


    So many jewels in your sketchbook too.
    I particularly love the woman on the bed and the seated girl under the umbrella with her cuppa.
    Enjoy your trip... granny!

  2. Yes! Spring does lift your spirits. I love the painting in your sketchbook. I am amazed at the detail you put into your sketchbook paintings. Have a lovely trip.

  3. Enjoy your trip and enjoy Spring. xox

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    L'incarnation du printemps... Ce dernier mot me parle et me plaît tout comme vos oeuvres.
    Votre art est unique et j'aime beaucoup...

    ❀ ✿ Gros bisous ✿ ❀

  5. Love all of your pictures Lisa, love the artwork too!

  6. i feel the same, lisa... new, new, new...

    happy travels... and thank you for showing us what you've been doing... i always love to see it.


  7. Oh, Lisa ... I love your art, your words and your photos ~ they are all such lovely honors to this sweet season!

  8. Time for spring! Captivating! Spring is always a good time to self evaluate... wishing you a happy break... ( your artwork looks great assembled together!)

  9. Love "It's Time for Spring!" Love the photos of your neighborhood and gallery street.

  10. Isn't this just the best time of them all ? You are showing so many great works I don't know where to begin , but 'It's Time for Spring' and the girl lying on the bed are absolute favorites ! Enjoy your trip !

  11. Happy spring! Have fun in Montana! Love all your images - drawings, paintings and photos -)

  12. What an exciting fun blog!! I love the sketchbook paintings and drawings, which inspires you to create amazing paintings! I love the girl lying on the bed and the bicycle drawing too. The acrylic with the big sun in it..LOVE.. I see signs of spring in the lovely trees, which we have none of yet.. Enjoy your trip and family visit..Especially your yummy grandson, nothing better than that!!

  13. Absolutely beautiful....all of them especially the first one it! Enjoy family time!

  14. Love "It's Time For Spring". They are all just beautiful but that one is my fav! Great colors and she is so pretty! Have a safe trip. Enjoy your family & have a blessed Easter!

  15. Love "It's Time For Spring". They are all just beautiful but that one is my fav! Great colors and she is so pretty! Have a safe trip. Enjoy your family & have a blessed Easter!

  16. Esa foto de la calle Bradford, me gusta mucho.
    El resto de imágenes son una maravilla.
    ¡Muchos abrazos!

  17. Just reading your post has made me start to think about my own art and how I may do some spring cleaning! Lovely post Lisa. Xx

  18. I too love "It's Time for Spring" and all the photos you have shared. Enjoy your family visit, and I am happy to report the snow is melting and the days are already long in my part of the world. Happy Spring!

  19. Beautiful post my friend! Truly beautiful ;o) I feel so blessed too! I understand what you mean! And, I have been thinking a lot about my art as well! Your art looks amazing in the gallery! Hugs ;o)