Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reading Space, Art Sales, and a Sneak Peek

Reading Space
mixed media on cradled board
9 x 12 inch
(available for purchase)

When I first started this piece, which has actually been done for quite some time, there were supposed to be geese waddling about the path outside the window.  The geese looked as big as the trees though and when I painted them out I liked the path without them.  The painting is all about those favorite reading corners many of us have. It took me a while to decide on my favorite spot in our current house which we moved into a year ago December 5th.  Can you believe that?  

Left to Right:  Grandpa Was a Beekeeper, What is Best For Nigel, At Evening's End

Tessera Gallery has been a busy place lately with events and classes and many artists coming and going.  This January will be two years since I have been represented by the gallery and it has been a wonderful experience for me as an artist.  I have met many wonderful people... both artists and collectors,  I have many new friends...intelligent, talented and caring people that are a blast to be with.  The gallery has also provided such a beautiful space to display and sell my art, and for that I am always grateful. 

 The above works found new homes via the gallery...Nigel a while back and the two on the end went to the same collector just recently.  These pieces will be missed as they all had different challenges that I felt pushed me as a painter.  I sold a few smaller works too, which I have been painting like crazy in between the larger works in order to provide some available art for all budgets at the gallery.

Sneak peek of detail

I have been really busy working on a new 24 x 30 inch piece (sneak peek in the above photo).  This will be my last large painting for 2015 and I am excited about it!  I have been trying to push color a bit in this one.   I will share it with you soon!  Until then!  

♥ Lisa


  1. I love "reading space" Lisa! Gorgeous details...I was going through the posts that I missed and your Visit to New York was absolutely amazing! I try to get to the City every few weeks...since it's only 20 minutes away on the Railroad from me. I just went to Lincoln Center for the Philharmonic. What a treat that was! I went right before the lighting of the tree! And of course, I went to see the Rockettes at Radio City.....even though I live in New York. I still say I❤️NY. Again, love this piece!!

  2. Lisa - Reading Space is just wonderful. I have my favorite chair and you've captured that so well. Congrats on all your sales this year. I'm always amazed when anything sells - makes me smile deep within.
    Can't wait to see your large piece - love those leggings!

  3. Love wing back chairs, and reading spaces. Sweet painting. xox

  4. so very inviting...what can I say...just...LOVE this in it's ENTIRETY LISA XOXOXOXO

  5. You do such outstanding textures! Love the warmth of your reading corner.

  6. A year already? I'm so pleased it has been a good one. Your new painting looks intriguing. Looking forward to seeing it.

  7. A year already? I'm so pleased it has been a good one. Your new painting looks intriguing. Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. oh lisa, i love 'reading space'. i love that you painted light... and i can easily believe that those pieces sold!


  9. Lisa, I am so happy for you! Congrats with everything! You are so talented and every piece of your art speaks! Time goes by too fast!!! Hugs :)

  10. Your paintings always make me feel wonderful! So special and calming! Love the one on top the most! The colors are so beautiful and the magazin laid on the armchair...who will come back soon here, to read furtheron?! Loove!

  11. I absolutely love this last painting of the reading space, gorgeous colors and it really looks cosy and warm !

  12. Very wonderful paintings !!!
    My best season greetings for happy Christmas and New Year !!!


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