Sunday, February 12, 2017

Interiors, Exteriors, and Around Here Lately

Room With Feather Pictures
mixed media on panel 6 x 8 inch

Interiors and exteriors have been my favorite subject to sketch and paint lately.  The interior paintings are a playground for composition and color.  The house paintings have challenged my skill at painting materials such as brick and wood in my usual style.

Brick House
oil on panel

Old Green House
oil on panel 6 x 8 inch

On my daily walks I have been enjoying the quiet of winter.  It is full of fresh air and calmness, with inspiration everywhere.

I also recently flew to Rochester, New York to visit family.  There was snow on the ground, which was exciting because Kansas rarely gets snow.  

I love snow...

 But I also loves days like we had yesterday.  It was 68 degrees in February!  I painted on the patio all afternoon. 

I have been so inspired paint, to photograph and to listen to music.  I will close with sharing THIS surprising, beautiful, and powerful rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence. 

What is inspiring you lately?


  1. Another great chair painting... love your chairs as you know. xox

  2. Are those feathers in the pictures I see hanging over the chair? Love your chair series and coupled with feathers it makes a total winner to me! Sold, I see. rats!
    Always loved Sound Of Silence. Thanks, Lisa.

    1. Yes they are. I thought of you as I painted them since you love them so. Thank you, Julie! xo

  3. Beautiful paintings and fantastic atmosphere !!!
    Ηave a nice and creative new week !!!

  4. beautiful paintings Lisa. I never get tired of your chair series. more please!!!!!

  5. Nice post. I love the Old Green House. It has personality plus!

  6. I love your paintings and your stories. You have so much energy. Your green house is telling all of the viewers its story. Some of the story is sad, but the kids who lived there were always happy. The house was sad when they grew up.

    1. Such a nice comment, thank you Carol. I love your imagination to go with!

  7. Beautiful paintings Lisa! The one you are painting outside is so gorgeous! Love them all! Your spirit lies in each and everyone of them! Love your photos outside too! I love snow too! Big Hugs!

    1. Hi Stacy! A very belated thank you for your comment! I could have sworn I commented before now, but maybe I just thought I did. I apologize!! Thank you always for your sweet spirit and words! Big hugs back!


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