Monday, December 31, 2018

Alpacas and Chandeliers

Alpacas and Chandeliers
oil on canvas 11 x 14 inch

When we first moved to Colorado last April, we stayed temporarily on a ranch in a loft apartment above a barn.  It was primarily a horse ranch, but the owner had a small herd of alpacas.  Ever since staying there, I have wanted to paint them and I finally did.  Why the chandeliers?  No other reason other than I thought it was a funny idea and they were fun to paint.  Alpacas themselves are funny looking creatures.

This is my last painting in 2018 and boy did the year fly by.  So many changes, so many activities. I am not as prolific a painter as I used to be, but I sure did explore our new state.  Vic and I love to take hikes on New Years eve, but this year it's 12 degrees and snowing which is why I am doing a blog post instead today.  I love walking in snow, but the temperature isn't hiker-friendly, so we did our hike yesterday.  It was a fun miles, lots of just taking it in.  Here's a couple of scenes from our time in Roxborough State Park.

I am looking forward to 2019.  May there be more days like yesterday in the coming year!

Thank you for following this blog and I want to  wish you a very Happy New Year!  May the year be all you hope for.

♥ Lisa


  1. Beautiful scenery! You are so lucky:)

    Happy New Year to you. I saw the painting on FB and just loved it. Alpacas and chandeliers. Why not?

  2. Wonderful- creative and very Lisa. Beautiful Alpacas... deserving of chandeliers.
    Gorgeous views. Enjoyed finding the two fun shadows at front of the pic!!
    Looing forward to seeing what you produce in 2019.

  3. Happy New Year Lisa!
    I love your painting! It's so cute! Love the photos too!
    Big Hugs!


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