Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Painting and Scenes from Travel

Slippers in a Pink Room
acrylic on panel
6 x 8 inch
available here

  My husband and I just returned from a one week road trip to Rochester, New York.  We spent a lot of time with family there.

Prior to New York we were in Texas, so we have seen a lot of country and slept in a lot of different places.  I feel like I could sleep for a year now.

I need to be brief, but please enjoy some sights from our trip. New York is very beautiful.  

artists painting on the Erie Canal
from a sailboat on Lake Ontario
a scene from Honeoye Lake

Letchworth State Park is known as the "Grand Canyon of the East" and it was a sight.  I was born in New York and had visited there many times over the years, but this was the first time in this amazing park.  We want to go back and do some extensive hiking.

Stone steps at Letchworth State Park
Letchworth State Park
Waterfall from the Genesee River
Notice the people in the waterfall picture and you will have an idea of the size of this fall.  The mist always gives a rainbow on sunny days.  Truly magical!  

Letchworth State Park

After leaving New York, we took a slightly longer route home to Louisville, Kentucky to stay at The Inn at the Park.  The inspiration in such an old place is abundant and I always find myself thankful for digital cameras...I can just snap away.  It is places like these that lend a lot of inspiration for my room paintings.

the Presidential Suite at Inn at the Park
The dining room at Inn at the Park
Just before breakfast at the B & B
Inn at the Park


  1. Dear Lisa - first your painting of the Slippers in the Pink Room is wonderful and then your photos are so gorgeous too. Isn't it true that when we vacation we so often need to come home to rest up! Hope you are getting some now. Thank you for sharing your pictures. That waterfall is amazing. Hugs!

  2. Wow, Lisa, looks like you all had a great trip to NY and back.
    The pink room looks like a spirit of some sort lives in there.... so nice, yes, a nice spirit. : )

  3. The slippers are so sweet. Love seeing your wonderful magic paintbrush at work, Lisa. Great to have you back. The photos from your trip show your eye for beauty. Smiling and happy at seeing your blog.

  4. I adore upstate New York and have been to the Rochester area a couple of times. Missed the fabulous park though! Love seeing what you're doing, Lisa! Great job on getting some see through in the filmy curtains too!

  5. What an interesting blog! I enjoyed your trip with you, every photo of the way. Sleep well, my friend.

  6. Wonderful trip photos-I especially like the one of Lake Ontario--and your pink bedroom painting--so nice like being in a frothy pink cupcake.

  7. The photos are so inviting - thanks for the mini road trip. Your painting looks like the perfect place to flop and have a long, sweet sleep! Love this post!

  8. Hi Lisa! Sounds like you had a lovely trip! Enjoyed your photos, and your painting is fabulous! I love how the curtains look as if there is a slight cool breeze in the room.

  9. Love love love the pink room! So sweet and serene. And I've been enjoying your travel pics on Instagram. It looks like a wonderful trip.

  10. Welcome Home Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. Looks like it was a wonderful trip.
    Get some rest and have a relaxing weekend.

  11. letchworth state park - whoa!! on the east coast! i've never heard of it, which seems hard to believe.

    'slippers in a pink room' is sooo eye pleasing, lisa. yeah, your magic paintbrush...

    smiling that you're back. : )


  12. Lovey time and views I've been seeing on facebook. Sweet pink painting, most charming. xox

  13. welcome home
    i wish you night after night of lovely restorative sleep
    sounds like you had many experiences and now good memories
    your pink piece is entirely charming!

  14. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics Lisa. I hope to make it to New York some day. Beautiful rooms for inspiration!

  15. Lisa - your slippers painting is fabulous - magical indeed! Your trip looks wonderful! What a gorgeous state park. And those rooms are so inspiring!

  16. Slippers in a pink room!! Lovely! And I love the beautiful photos that tells me what a gorgeous country we live in!!

  17. Hey Lisa, I was born and bred in Rochester, NY so you just took me down memory lane. It's been a few years since I made it back there but I know every place you photographed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Joanie, glad you enjoyed! I woke this morning to find this post and your comment in my email. Did it you receive it in your email too? It's like it reposted on it's own. How strange.

    2. Hi Joanie, glad you enjoyed! I woke this morning to find this post and your comment in my email. Did it you receive it in your email too? It's like it reposted on it's own. How strange.