Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Paintings and Poetry: Mama Had Strength


Mama Had Strength
oil on wood
available here

This is my newest painting and it is based on an old photograph from a very large collection a friend gifted me years ago.  I pull them out from time to time to use as inspiration and this one in particular is a new favorite.  The photograph has so much power and I found myself haunted a bit by the souls reflected in the image.  I want to know more about them.  

The inspiration led me to make a "Painting and Poetry" video for my YouTube channel.  Here is the short video with a poem I wrote.  The poem is also called Mama Had Strength.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mama Had Strength 

Her eyes buried deep within their sockets
Dark circles like a trodden path from the footprints of the past
Life had hit hard, and fast, and it was cruel at times

Yet, look at her again
There is a sparkle of joy in her eye, and a slight upturn of her lips
There is power in the grip of the tissue that holds her tears

I know this power because it was witnessed by my brothers and sisters and I
Day after day, night after night
Mama had strength