Friday, May 20, 2016

New Chair Paintings

Fancy Chair in Brown
oil on paper
4 x 6 inch
available here

Many have said that chairs are like people...they have personality.  I agree and that is a reason I love to paint them!

Plain Chair in Brown
oil on paper
4 x 6 inch
available here

I made both of these by smearing oil paint on gessoed 140 lb watercolor paper.  The chair drawing is then scratched into the paint and allowed to dry.  The nice thing about working in oil is that you can smear over your mistakes and redraw.  And it's also easier to remain loose in the work.  

Have a blessed weekend. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On a Lazy Day in Matfield Green: The Second Finding Faith Project Complete

After the incredible response that our first Finding Faith project received, I was really eager to get to work on the second, and we nearly pulled it off in record time. The video and photo shoot went perfectly.  So perfect in fact, that it seemed the "art gods" were with us once again...a funny saying that Faith and I have started to say whenever things are going very well. But then life happened...not in a bad way, but in a busy way...and the painting came forth like a slug.  I never thought I would get it done and was tempted so many times to just "call it good enough", but the perfectionist in me won't allow such an ending and I HAD to keep going until it was right.  Even though I am not striving to be a realistic painter on this project, it is important to me to capture certain details and moods and emotions in the painting that are present in the short videos that we create as well as the photographs.  For those of you that paint, you KNOW this does not usually come easily.  We have to work for it.

A little bit about our was shot in a very teeny tiny town called Matfield Green, which is a little over an hour away from Wichita.  This little place is nestled in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas and its population is 50.  That's right...50.  I did not forget any zeros!  It would be easy to miss it, except for the hilarious signs they have along Highway 177 reading "Matifield Green Next 3 Exits".   But they are not exits, they are just streets.  The 50 people in Matfield Green have a great sense of humor.  :)

We filmed at a place called Pioneer Bluffs which is a gorgeous public property with many uses.  It consists of lots of tall trees, a creek, an old cabin from 1859, which you will see in the project, and many other interesting buildings and barns.  We were lucky on the day of the shoot because there was not a soul there.  It was early Spring and Pioneer Bluffs was operating  on their Winter schedule, which means it was basically closed (thank you, art gods).  

Modeling for this project are my beautiful niece Faith and her handsome fiancé Sam.  They did such a fantastic job at the shoot.  It is not always easy because there is a little bit of acting necessary for this, and they have to put up with me constantly saying things like "turn your head this way...walk that, other way...look at me, now look away", etc.  Their patience was extraordinary the entire time.  They moved with grace and their expressions were brilliant as you will see in the video and photos.  I could not have asked for an easier pair to work with!  Thank you again Faith and Sam!

So here we go with a simple story told in film, photos and painting...


On a Lazy Day in Matfield Green

On a Lazy Day in Matfield Green
oil on canvas
24 x 30 inch


Thank you all so much for your incredible enthusiasm for our project!  It has been a joy to create these and the fact that they bring joy to others encourages me to do more.  Thank you again!

♥ Lisa

Friday, April 29, 2016


oil on canvas
16 x 20 inch

When I first began painting, I painted a work called "Purple Ladies" which was a hideously executed acrylic painting about gossiping.  There were three that was talking, the other with her head up to the sky laughing and the one in the middle standing with a look of distaste on her face.  I've always hated it when I hear someone being talked about. It's one thing to speak one on one to a trusted friend about things, but it's quite another to blab in front of a group that may or may not have had the chance to make their own judgments about the person being talked about.  So in my opinion, it's best to just keep the mouth shut.  

So anyways, I decided it was time to cover up my ugly painting and paint something more positive.  Now these ladies have the right idea...compassion.  That is how it should be.  Don't you agree?

frame detail

I had this frame that I believe came from a thrift shop and it worked perfectly.

I took it to Tessera Gallery.  Final Friday is tonight, but this piece is not on display yet because I was too late delivering it there.  Life is keeping me busy...working in the yard, working on the next Finding Faith painting, creating new pieces for the gallery and most exciting of all was our youngest son's master piano recital last weekend.  We traveled to Texas to see him play and WOW.  He has really grown in his music the last two years he has studied at UT Arlington.  We were in tears.  If you are interested in seeing video from his recital click HERE. If you are short of time, you can forward to the last minute and a half or so.

I hope to finish the second Finding Faith painting in a week or so, but until then, here is a another peek.  As you can see, there was a reason for that red flannel shirt.  :)

sneak peek detail of next Finding Faith painting
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

♥ Lisa

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Small Paintings and a How the Finding Faith Project is Going

Wendy With a Watering Can
oil on panel 6 x 6 inch
 You can probably tell from my color palette that I am excited Spring has arrived.  I've been very busy in the flowerbeds cleaning them out, digging and planting.  Mud on my shoes makes me happy.  I was outside from 10 am to 9 pm yesterday, so obviously the progress on my next Finding Faith painting is moving along VERY slowly.  I did these small paintings over the last three weeks or so.  I am loving oil paints right now and vibrant colors.  I am working on new ways to paint flowers...always a challenge for me.

Flower Pitcher
oil on panel 5 x 7 inch

oil on panel 5 x 7 inch

Striped Pitcher
oil on panel 5 x 7 inch

Here's a little teaser from the next Finding Faith video (the music you hear in this snippet will not be a part of it).  The photos and video turned out great and the 30 x 24 inch painting is coming along.  It might be another couple of weeks before I am done.  If you have no idea what the Finding Faith project is click HERE.


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I wish you all a joyful end of the week!  


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Commission Work, Small Paintings and What's Next on Finding Faith

Commission painting
mixed media on 9 x 12 inch canvas

A friend of mine has this wonderful and faded photo from 1926 of her grandparents and her grandmother's two sisters jumping rope in the middle of a field in Kansas.  She asked me to paint them in my style and this is how it turned out.  She loved it, which is always a relief!

Bedroom in Gold and Sky Blue
mixed media on wood block 4 x 6 inch

 Last week seven of my tiny paintings (4 x 6 to 6 x 8 inch sizes) sold from Tessera Gallery, so I painted several more to fill the empty spots.  I really enjoyed doing the interior paintings that were inspired by some old decorating books I bought from a used bookstore last year.

Dining with Cobalt and Paisley
mixed media on wood block 4 x 6 inch

And of course my favorite subject...figures.  These are all imagined or from my "sketchbook sweetie" sketchbooks.

Peggy and Patty in Pigtails
mixeed media on wood block
4 x 6 inch

Grace With a Good Luck Cat
mixed media on panel 5 x 7 inch

Liliana and the Sleepy Cat
mixed media on panel 5 x 7 inch

Bike Ride in Spring
mixed media on panel 5 x 7 inch

 And look what I found!  A red flannel shirt for my next Finding Faith project.  It cost $3.49, so does that make my project low budget?  :)  I am happy to tell you that things are well on the way and we are excited about how the video and photos have turned out.  Time for the painting!  Wish me luck!

A million thanks for all your amazing and uplifting comments on this project.  I was truly overwhelmed with all the kind comments, sweet emails, and encouragement to keep at it.  Faith loved reading all the comments too, and that's important because without her, there would be no Finding Faith.  :)

See you soon.
♥ Lisa

Monday, March 21, 2016

Finally! Finding Faith Project Unveiled: the Video, Photos and Painting

Over a month in the making, and my "Finding Faith" project is finally finished! I named it Faith is Waiting For Spring and it is a three part art project using painting, video and photography to tell a simple story.  I have always loved to dabble in photography and with my new-found love for videography, I had the idea to connect them with my painting and this is what materialized.  

I really hope you enjoy the video and photos and especially the surprise ending in the painting!

 FULL details on the making of this project are below for those of you who want to know more.  I know who you are and it was written for you.  

Thank you for looking!

♥ Lisa


Faith is Waiting For Spring

Video: click to play

Faith is Waiting For Spring
oil on canvas
30 x 24 inch


 Details About the Project

working in the studio
As you know, if you follow my art, I am a figurative and narrative painter and often paint intuitively (where the story unfolds by itself as I paint) or by creating scenes using vintage photos.  However, I had a new idea for my approach and that was to create the story with the use of video and photography, and then attempt to paint it.   In all honesty, this whole concept started with finding the 8 mm app for my iPhone.  It is the same app I have been using to make my "Studio Clips" videos, and it has me hooked on video making.  It's kind of funny to me how such a big idea can come from such a small thing like finding an app, but that is what happened.  Plus I have always loved taking pictures, so this project provided a way I could sort of tie these arts together with my love of painting. 

  The video and photographs took only 1 1/2 hours to shoot, but took over 10 hours to edit because I was very picky and kept changing my mind about the clips of video I wanted to use. Plus, selecting the music took a while.  I needed something slow since the whole theme was about Faith waiting for "Spring" to arrive. It is amazing how music can make or break the mood!

My beautiful niece, Faith was my gracious and willing muse and we did the shoot in an open field in the middle of Benton, Kansas.  I found her dress and the small props at a thrift shop,  borrowed the table and chairs, and  I made the flower crown myself.  I was pretty excited the day of shooting because everything turned out exactly as I had envisioned and the weather was perfect!  

My friend and gallery owner Teressa Sliger helped me locate the property after I sent a text to her one day to ask if she knew of any "Andrew Wyeth-looking places" out in the country where she lives. (My all time favorite painting is Christina's World, and the Kansas landscape looks exactly like that painting). So Teressa took me driving around one day trying to locate the perfect spot for my project and I ended up selecting the first one we saw.   I have to point out here what a great friend and support Teressa was to do this for me...indulging with me on my what had to seem like such a crazy creative whim.  She questioned me very little and just rolled with it.  Had she not done this, I might have just chucked the whole thing aside labeling it as a dumb idea, but her interest and enthusiasm helped push me forward.  Also, the property we chose was private property and we were not sure who owned it, so she offered to meet us out there on shooting day to keep watch for anyone that might question what we were up to.  We had to lug the table and chairs a long ways off the road to the tree that provided the main part of our stage and Faith and I were a bit nervous about trespassing.  I  imagined poor Faith being hauled off to jail in her pretty dress and flower crown, and me having to explain to her mother what had happened.  But having Teressa there helped us relax as we worked.  She assured us it was not a big deal to be out there and it wasn't.  We never saw a soul for the entire hour and half we were there.

After the photos and video were complete I busied myself in the studio attempting to capture the scene in the painting.  Since I do not paint realistically, this was a challenge for me.  I had to keep reminding myself that my job was to capture the essence, not every single detail.  Also, I knew from the start that I could not make Faith look like Faith.  I had already tried painting her face over and over again in my sketchbooks.  I decided that if I could at least capture the scene with just a likeness of her I would be happy.  I worked in oil because it is easier for me to make adjustments.

   Being outside, collaborating with people, taking photos, shooting was such a fulfilling way to work in art!  Plus working with all the images from the photos and video,  and physically having been in that location provided a lot more information for me to work with, which for some reason seemed to make the painting process flow more easily. However, I can't always work this way because it is so involved.  From time to time though, it will be fun and I love the challenge.

Didn't Faith do an incredible job?  She is a natural beauty and she just knew exactly what I was wanting for the video and photos.  She was such an easy model to work with and I could NOT have done this without her!  We had so much fun that day and I am happy to say we are already scheming for the next project.  I just need to find a red flannel shirt somewhere.  :)

Thanks for reading.

Monday, March 14, 2016

I Wore Blue the Other Day and Another Peek at Finding Faith

available here

The Week before last I was in the mood for blue, so I painted another series of blue pieces of clothing.  They are all done in oil on 4 x 6 inch heavy watercolor paper and I used a palette knife and very small brushes.

available here

I think it's easier to make things look more painterly and loose in oil paint vs acrylics, at least for me it is.  I tend to tighten things up when I paint with acrylics.

available here

I tried to work quickly on these and not get too caught up in details...not worrying about perfect sleeves or perfect flowers.  I see things I might have changed had I slowed down a bit, but if I had slowed down I know things would have tightened up.

available here

Painting these pieces of clothing got me thinking how much fun fashion designers must have at work every day.  And imagine how excited they get when they see someone walking down the street wearing clothing they dreamt up one day while having morning coffee.

I am still working on my Finding Faith project and I cannot wait to show it to you.  It is tempting to give you what I have so far, but I think you will enjoy the whole kit and caboodle all at once instead of in parts.

But here's another trickle of evidence that I am working.

Props for the Finding Faith project
I am anxious to progress more on it this week and it's getting closer!  Thank you so much for all the visits and comments and for following.  Happy week to you!  See you soon!