Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paintings, Sketching and Pretty Scenery

Penny Planted Poppies
5 x 7 inch papers, gel, acrylic, ink, oil pastel, colored pencil
on 5 x 7 inch paper mounted to hardboard
 I have been raking leaves.  Actually what I mean to say is boy howdy, have I been raking leaves!  
And I'm still not done.  But that's boring.  Who cares?
Here's my art.  :)  

Country Blue
6 x 8 inch papers, gel, acrylic, ink, colored pencil, oil pastel on cardboard
available on Etsy
 I painted on another piece of cardboard (the painting above).  Call me frugal.  

charcoal and graphite in a 4 x 6 inch sketchbook
 I did this sketch using one of the old photos gifted to me.  It doesn't look anything like her, but that's not what I was trying to do.  I just wanted to capture the essence of her, that's all. I really enjoy drawing portraits with charcoal, but it is so much easier in the 8 1/2 x 11 inch sketchbook I have.  The thing is, I like the way drawings look in a small book.  Well, I like the way art looks in a small book...period.  That's why I always do those  tiny sketchbook sweeties in the pocket sized moleskin.  Which, by the way,  I have not done for a while.  It's because of all those darn leaves.

The Arkansas River at Oak Park
This is Riverside...a lovely area that I love taking walks in.  The river is actually the Arkansas.  It's pronounced "AR-KAN-SAS" in these parts.  I used this wonderful photo editor called Snapseed on my iPhone.  I love this program.  It made those trees look painted I think.  

Well I'm off to rake more leaves...I filled 22 bags so far.  Yikes.
Thank you for visiting.  I really love it when you do!


  1. Love the effect you have achieved in Penny Planted Poppies. Your sketch looks lovely. I like the way she is just an interpretation of the lady in the photo. It makes her your own instead of a direct copy of the original.

  2. I adore your first painting - Penny Planted Poppies. The expression on her face is wonderful - she's so proud of herself :) Your sketch is great and that photo of the Arkansas River is beautiful! I can actually see that as a back drop for one of your paintings! xo

  3. "Capture the essence...." you said it perfectly! Lisa, that's what you do with all your pieces! There is a certain mood and sentiment that comes through. Your subject's expressions reveal so much about the depths of their personalities, and the viewer can relate to what they're thinking and feeling. These are all wonderful. The colors that you combine and the values that you use... it's all very effective. I like the painting in your banner, that really held my eye for a long time today. There is a very strong essence in that one in particular!

  4. Good luck with the leaf raking. I love the first painting and your drawing from the photograh. I see you made my favorite painting your header!!

  5. Oh my - all that raking! Whew! Love these new paintings - really like the added white line work in Penny Planted Poppies. And you captured the essence perfectly in your sketch of the 'vintage-woman.' The Arkansas river must be beautiful - would love to see it.

  6. So NICE!
    I like the colors in the first 2 paintings...DREAMY!

  7. ahhh! penny!! and the sketch - whoa!! holy moly she's sweet.

    i agree about small sketchbooks. there's just something about them...

    you're inspiring me, lisa...


  8. previous post and this one are JUST FABULOUS, special one! I just love what I'm seeing in your girls lately! and thank you always for your special words you leave on my blog. xoxo

  9. I Love to stop by and see what you have been up to.. And man you are so good with those sketches my friend. I bet you are getting one heck of a work out with that racking...


  10. I love the freedom of these pieces. I love working on tea bags, or cardboard or anything that doesn't cost me too much - It doesn't matter if I wreck it! Beautiful creations once again!

  11. Penny is awesome! I will come help you rake leaves, it's still too cold here to rake leaves. I will travel to a warm place!!

  12. You do SUCH interesting things! (the art, not the raking leaves, though I personally find raking leaves to be a soothing activity, even though I never do it, but leave my leaves on my lawn where they get blown into the flower beds and stick to mulch all my perenials). I wouldn't have guessed that these were this small. But they are so interesting to look at--so many layers, with different things going on in each layer.

    I also checked out Ray Turner, whom you mentioned. Interesting project he has going there (Population). Thanks.

  13. It's exciting to see your work grow and bloom! I love the drawn white houses floating and how they relate to the fence in a way that suggests distance and works flat as abstract space just as well. Same with country blue...suggests a stage where the women are
    about to speak and freeze. Very good work.

    I sense you painting with no fear and smile!

  14. I swear someday I am going to get in the car and drive to Kansas to meet you in person, sit beside you while you draw and create. Your creative brain is wired so uniquely, your blog is a joy. I downloaded Snapseed on my computer I think but it only sits there living a lonely life. Can't you hire someone to rake those leaves? To blow them into a pile and haul them away?

  15. Penny Planted Poppies is beautifully painted, Lisa! love the dress and are always so original in your paintings....Wonderful work!!!

  16. Some great artwork here, love the first one and your sketch . I agree that art looks great in a little sketchbook . 22 are a lot of bags of leaves , do you use them for making humus ?

  17. Hey Lisa ;o) Sorry, I thought I commented on this post! I know I read it! ;o) Love your two new paintings! Saw them on Etsy and stared at them ;o) LOL ! Your sketch is so lovely and your picture of the water is stunning! Have fun raking! Big Hugs ;o)


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