Thursday, March 20, 2014

Panel Boards and Paper and the Paintings that are on Them

Henry is Late Again
12 x 16" mixed media on canvas panel

 Panels made with canvas, panels made with hardboard, plain watercolor's difficult to decide which is best.  They all have good things about them.  They all make the art look different.  They also feel different as you work on them.  

 Mrs. Baker on a Sunday Afternoon
5 x 7 inch oil on hardboard

It is impossible to decide which is best.

Promise and Her Pocket Full of Flowers
4 x 6 inch mixed media on watercolor paper

So I will just keep painting on all of them.

I really am going to rake leaves today.  Really I am.

Oh, and guess mother saw her cardiologist yesterday and her heart is unchanged which is great news.  It has been two years since her life-pivoting heart attack full of dreadful diagnosis' and we are all still marveling that she is still here with us, still living independently and doing so well.  She even danced a little this passed weekend.  She turns 80 in May so we are planning a big birthday party for her.  

I hope your day is full of joy.

♥ Lisa


  1. Your art would be beautiful on any surface. I particularly love Henry is Late Again. So happy your Mom is doing fine! Have fun planning her birthday party. xo

  2. A great threesome. My favourite is Mrs Baker. She has a lovely face and I love the hat. Good news about your mum. A party will be a good excuse for another dance.

  3. and i hope *your* day is full of joy my friend!!

    these paintings!! i swear they get richer and richer!


  4. I will quote you: "It is impossible to decide which one is BEST". I LOVE all these paintings, Lisa. Your style is absolutely beautiful.

    My mum turns 80 this years as well. (In June!)

    Have a great day!

  5. Great news about your mom! And these paintings - all fabulous - beautiful work whatever the surface!

  6. I love Henry is late again! Wonderful!

  7. Great news about your Mom, Lisa! I'm so happy to see things are going well for you...despite the need to rake leaves :)

  8. Different stories and lovely executions Lisa!

  9. Gosh that is wonderful about your mom. And dancing!
    LOVE Henry is Late Again. Just gets me to thinking about the lady waiting, and Henry, is that him in the car? Or who then is it? The moon and the lighting are mysterious and beautiful.

  10. Hi Lisa!
    'LOVELY works, as always ( :

  11. The first painting is a gem! So wonderful xo

  12. SO SPECIAL YOU ARE! yes, they are too! xoxo

  13. You just have too much fun. Dang that Henry. Can he never be on time?

  14. Mrs. Baker is beautiful. Lisa...I love the colors and details...

  15. My ambition is to be dancing at 80, your mum sounds so beautiful. My mum is very poorly at the moment, good health in old age is a precious thing. x

  16. Yah Mom! Glad she is doing well.

    All of the different surfaces in combination with the paints, etc. sure are challenging and fun aren't they? Keeps you on your toes:)

  17. Beautiful paintings Lisa! LOVE "Henry Is Late Again"!!! As for what to paint on...I agree with you. Just paint on them all;) Glad your Mom is well. Parents are a treasure.

  18. Bless your mother! Good for her dancing! Dancing is good for the soul ;o) So happy everything is going well with her! What can I say, all your paintings are wonderful! Hugs ;o)

  19. yay for the good news about your Mom! I agree...different supports give different results. Some artists will just use one type..but I am like you, I switch around. I love all the paintings in this post.

  20. They are all so pretty.. I just love them all. So happy to hear about your Mom. That is great news..

    Hope you have a happy Sunday my friend.



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