Friday, March 14, 2014

Three Small Paintings, Ampersand Hardbords and a Missing Cat

5 x 7 inch oil on paper mounted to hardbord
 I have been painting smaller works in between the larger ones, the larger intended mostly for the gallery I am in right now and the smaller ones are stocking the shelves of my Etsy shop.  I honestly love both sizes.  The smaller ones feel intimate and the larger works are a playground for greater things (and sometimes not such great things).  In art, you never know.

Gracie May
4 x 6 inch mixed media on paper...not mounted
available on Etsy

Vienna was straight from the imagination and Gracie May was from one of the gifted vintage photos I recently received.

The Reservoir on a Cloudy Day
6 x 8 inch oil on linen mounted to harbord
available on Etsy
The reservoir painting was from a photo I took while in New York City in December with my sister.  Oh how I love that city.  And once in a while I just have to paint buildings only.  New York City makes a great subject...almost as much as Kansas.  :)

Back of Ampersand Hardbord
I have seen a few artists that mount their works on linen, canvas and paper to these Ampersand Hardbords.   So I bought some small ones for my own art and I really love them.  They are extremely rigid and the art lays so wonderfully flat on surface without any bowing.  I use gel medium to glue it down. Plus you can gesso them and paint directly on them.  They look and feel so professional and I think the cost is reasonable.

Our cat Bean disappeared over a week ago.  We are now thinking he is lost forever...I have checked the shelter, made flyers and everything...still no sign of him.  He was 12 years old and a really great cat with a ton of personality and he could make anyone fond of him.  Even people that don't like cats liked Bean.  We miss him a lot.  Our other cat and our dog have been hanging around each other a lot, which they normally don't do.  I think they are comforting each other.  
I am sorry to add on a sad note like that. We're okay...just miss our sweet kitty.

 I hope you have a great weekend!!

♥ Lisa


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Bean. I hope that you will find him.

  2. I love the small scale studies. Cities do each have a personality...I may try painting one.
    About Bean, although I know you're really missing him, don't be surprised if he doesn't just
    wander in some day soon. Could be he's found an admiring family and the food is tempting.
    Sweet faced kitty.

  3. I love both these paintings and I really like the idea of gaining inspiration from your vintage photos. I wonder how she compares to the original photo.
    I am saddened to hear about your lovely 'Bean'. It must be so upsetting for you. I have two dogs and I would be devastated if anything happened to them. I hope he finds his way home.

  4. Wow--you've been busy! Thanks for visiting my blog, and writing, which has prompted me to look at YOUR blog....These paintings are GREAT! I especially like the one on the top. It's hard to believe that they're so small. Such rich colors and so much personality!

  5. wonderful work .. your girls are beautiful! I hope your kitty just went on a "walk-about" .. that makes me sad too.. I don't know what I would do if I lost our kitty... :) hugs

  6. Hope you find Bean. Praying for his safety and happiness. Love the work you shared today. :)

  7. Love these paintings! Your art really speaks to me. I will keep positive thoughts that Bean comes home.

  8. I'm sorry to hear Bean has not returned yet:( Hang in there! Hope he comes home soon.
    Your ladies are beautiful. I love the stencil pattern on Gracie Mays skirt.

  9. I really do Love your Painting my friend. These all look wonderful. Your work has so much personality. I am so sorry you haven't found Bean yet. I hope he finds his way home soon!


  10. Hi Lisa,
    As always, your work is wonderful, but you already know that. What I'm writing you, and your family about today is to express empathy about Bean's disappearance. I won't say sympathy yet, because cats have a way of just showing up when you least expect them. I'll add my crossed fingers to the growing list.

  11. I too am so sorry about Bean, and hope he finds his way home. Your paintings as always are a delight.

  12. My prayers join yours for your dear Beanie to come home. Lovely new paintings!

  13. What a beautiful kitty. Positive thoughts going up for Bean and your family. I know how it hurts to lose such a perfect friend, and I, like Gary above, will hold out hope. I love all your paintings here. Especially love that pattern in "Vienna".

  14. I am sorry to hear about Bean. I hope he finds his way home to you.
    Never heard of your board, well not the brand. It's perfect for your love filled paintings.
    xo Carole

  15. Oh Lisa, I so hope Bean comes back home. To have a sweet kitty with such personality to me, is rare (not all cats warm up to you!) but he looks so precious. Many hopes that he returns safely!

    Your art is so lovely. I enjoy many an artist here in Blogland, Wanda Miller, Eden Clare, Martina Voigt, just to name a few. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your weekend. My dream for you is that you hear a MIEOW at your doorstep. Anita

  16. I am sorry about Bean:(

    Ampersand makes some great products don't they? Good stuff to paint on (and use as a base).

  17. I wait eagerly for your blog and enjoy your art, stories, and topics. Today's three: I want and don't want to go again to NYC: such mixed feelings about it. I too love Ampersand products. Where is Bean? So so sorry as I understand completely. Vienna is charming. I love that you paint the faces with oil as the effect is so charming with the rest of the media you use.

  18. First, I am so sorry to hear about Bean. Such a beautiful cat..I hope he finds his way home, Lisa!!!
    These paintings are all wonderful as always!!!!

  19. Oh sorry about Bean....12 is so young for a cat, they live forever....a week is a long time though....Vienna is quite charming, love her dress.... Hope Bean turns up. xox

  20. Your work is beautiful and so happy I called in via Magiclovecrow :) I really hope your gorgeous cat returns soon to his family, he obviously is very loved x

  21. I've never heard of Ampersand Hardbord before, so had to take a peek. I was surprised how much the 6 X 6 cost relative to the other sizes, some much larger.

    I haven't been to NYC for so long, I probably wouldn't know it. Somehow it seems to never change or age. I love the painting. It brought back many fond memories.

    I'm so, so sorry to read about Bean. Even Bleubeard is saddened by this. My heart oges out to you. Animals have instincts about these things, humans do not. I really, really hope Bean returns, or someone decides to return him to you. If he's so friendly, someone may have taken him as their pet. I hope that's not the case, but it is far better than the alternative.

  22. I am so sorry about your cat Bean! So sad! I hope he turns up! Your latest work is fantastic!! Love everything! Big Hugs ;o)


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