Friday, September 19, 2014

Adding Birds and More Pretty Pictures


More progress on this 16 x 20 inch oil painting and this morning the birds have been added.  In Tuesday's class, the art instructor suggested that I could change the background if I wanted to brighten up the mood.   He pointed out a tinge of smokey blue that I had smudged on in various places as a possible alternative, but I love the reds with the yellows here too much to change it.  

However, his suggestion gave me an ah hah! would be the perfect color for the birds that are planned for this piece.  So here you have progress.


Speaking of are samples of photo edits again.  I found a new photo app called Photoscape for $1 and I love the colors you can add.  The photo above and below are the same picture with different hues.  I almost expect to see elves tip-toeing out from behind the trees in the above and the one below looks more like Fall in real life.  The original is bright and vibrant summer green.


I have been spending time outside in the yard. Weeding flowerbeds is an ongoing job and such a relaxing thing to do.  I try to stretch while I'm could call it Yard Work Yoga.  That keeps me from getting too stiff.   My camera is always near by of course.


These flowers are not from my yard.  They are from the flower shop.  That big sunflower just seemed to be singing out loud. 

Sometimes when I take pictures, they come out pretty just the way they are so I leave them alone.


Especially when it comes to the sky.  Often, it does not need a filter.  It seems to have its own.


Have a beautiful weekend.

♥ Lisa


  1. love the little birdie addition... and that he is blue :)
    beautiful photos ... I love this time of year!

  2. Lovely photos and a sweet bird tucked in there. xox


  3. a beautiful bird you chose. And I can't believe that photo app. It almost makes me want to own a cell phone. The colors are so vivid, and I agree the fall colors are great, although the leaves aren't turning in my neighborhood yet.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Lisa!!! and love the painting......adding the bird was such a perfect touch!!

  5. Your blog today is interesting first word to last. You have motivated me to look at things in a "new light". The bird is your pot of gold in this painting. Your blue pot of gold.

  6. Such a sense of calm in your needed. Love it!

  7. Love seeing the painting with the bird as an addition.You chose wisely or was it intuitively?
    Ah..the bluebird. Do you know the symbolism of the Bluebird? Look it up.
    There is the Spiritual one and the Native American one as well as others. All good.
    I was raised with the saying - the bluebird of happiness.
    It is wonderful, and especially where you are at at the moment.
    The photos are lovely and the flowers and clouds at sunset are my favs.

  8. Love the oil work you are doing! And also love hearing that you didn't change something because someone saw it differently - adding the blue with the bird is the perfect solution! And always love seeing your artful photos!

  9. you take wonderfully atmospheric photographs and I love your new painting, that little bird is a delight.

  10. The birds are the sweetest little touches...They make this so appealing! I am often inspired by photos of the sky! October Skies are best here in PA!
    have a fun day, Lisa = )

  11. Such a thoughtful post Lisa. My favorite part of the painting is how you treat the fabrics. They are so rich and lovely.

  12. Gorgeous photos my friend ;o) Keep being you ;o)


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