Friday, September 5, 2014

Where Have You Been?

I have been away on a road trip.

We headed northeast through the Flint Hills of Kansas, then Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York.

We ate lunch on Lake Erie.

We marveled over early signs of fall near Kalamazoo, Michigan.

We spent most of our time in the western part of New York...about one hour from Niagra Falls...visiting my family.

We watched sunsets on Lake Ontario and walked on the pier under the stars.

We dined near the boat docks.

We visited a sweet carousel of the past.

We walked the trails in Corbett's Glen.

And got excited at the lushness of it...and the smell of it.

We enjoyed walks in quaint neighborhoods.

We felt jealous of George Eastman...the founder of Kodak.  He actually lived in this house.  Does anyone really need all that space?

Really jealous.

We celebrated Labor Day picnicking at Hamlin Beach. We didn't feel jealous anymore.

We watched the skies a lot.

We visited family a lot.

And posed for pictures a lot.

There were some quiet moments...

...during a lovely visit at the DuPont Mansion in Louisville, Kentucky...a detour we took on the way home.

We had the whole mansion to ourselves! It is their slow season. Now George Eastman would be jealous of us. :)

We took in one last Louisville over the Ohio River.

We stopped by a very famous place to horse racing enthusiasts (just to say we saw it).

Then we clicked our heals and headed home to Kansas.

It is true, there really is no place like home.

I hope all of you are well.  See you soon!


  1. i love the pic of you smiling in the dupont mansion best... : )

    you saw *a lot*!

    welcome back... : )


  2. What incredible photos and a wonderful story to accompany them. I am jealous of your trip, because I have seen Eastman's house and fell in love with it. But I am also jealous that you had all that time away. OK, not really jealous, just enjoyed seeing all the photos and the beauty of the places you visited.

  3. This IS TRULY one of the BEST POSTS I have read in a long time!!! Loved being on the journey with you through all of these beautiful, amazing, wonderful photos. What a spectacular trip that must have been!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!! Have a great weekend. (and you are right: There IS no place like home. :o)

  4. I loved reading your travelogue and seeing all your photos--thats a long drive from Kansas to New York!

  5. Gorgeous photos, all of them, but especially that pier shot! Sounds like you had an awesome trip!

  6. An AMAZING road trip, Lisa!!! It sounds like a wonderful vacation... thanks for taking us along with all those beautiful photos ... especially that gorgeous Sunset in Lake Ontario!!!

  7. What a perfect trip. Lots of doing and lots of loving with family. xox

  8. Welcome home Lisa I have been away too. Lovely photographs of what look like a fabulous trip.

  9. NICE Photos! I'm glad to see the shout out to PA! I'm from PA, and I think it's a Beauty! We have mountains, lakes, and so much countryside.
    Welcome Back...Lisa = )

  10. Beautiful photos- feels like I got to go on your journey with you. Thanks for sharing. That Eastman mansion is humongous!

  11. Beautiful had a very nice trip. I enjoyed seeing all your stops along the way but the last photo really did it for me. It brought back lots of memories of summers at my grandparent's cattle ranch in Kansas. That windmill is what did it. I remember one in the farm yard...I can still hear it squeaking in the wind!

  12. Today's blog was a Travel Blog and very interesting all the way to the end.

  13. I enjoyed your trip Lisa! It was a fun ride! I've been wanting to go somewhere. Yes, there is no place like home. It's always nice to head out on a trip but also very nice to get back home.

    Thanks for taking me along!

  14. Your commentary and photos were just deelightful! Can we expect to see a Lisa Graham rendition of the nighttime photo???

  15. Oh Lisa, how I enjoy travel right with you, much fun in all your photos and words! Love the rivers and lakes you have visited the most :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  16. Boy, you all sure know how to make a person feel welcomed back. I am glad you enjoyed the photos! Thank you everyone for all your comments!

  17. Great post Lisa! I enjoyed being on your road trip! So much fun!
    I love how you got to have that mansion all to yourselves!
    Big Hugs xoxox and yes, there is no place like home ;o)

  18. I KNOW I commented on this post...and I know I have not been getting any of the feeds when you post. I just resubscribed and it said I already was subscribed so will have to dig deeper.
    I loved following your journey with this photo road trip. That wonderful red have to look past the wine glass...are you going to paint it? I think it is gorgeous.
    Now it is fun time...I am off to catch up with all your posts...


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