Thursday, January 22, 2015

Around Here Lately

Sketchbook 8.5 x 11"

Working in sketchbooks a bit lately to try out some ideas.  I love interior paintings and would like to do a few of them.  

Hurley at home

The above photo was the inspiration.  It sure is difficult to paint light.  

graphite and pastels in 8.5 x 11 inch sketchbook

I have also started some sketches, but left them unfinished.  I became bored with this one.

sketchbook sweetie
graphite and tinted graphite in tiny moleskin

Very few sweetie sketches these days.  I swear I am still pretty worn out from our move in December.  It feels like I am in recovery.  All I really feel like doing is taking walks and watching movies.  Of course that's not all I do, but if I could I would.

sketchbook sweeties

These are scribbled ideas for paintings inspired by Riverside, the neighborhood we now live in.  I also bought a HUGE canvas to paint a Riverside theme for our house to go above the couch.  I have no clue exactly what I will paint, but the canvas will be waiting for me when I finally decide.  It may take a year to make up my mind though.

acrylic and pastel on 6 x 8 inch linen

Of course it just wouldn't be winter without a girl in a beanie and mittens.

 photo edited with distressedfx
View of trees on the Arkansas River
pronounced Ar-Kansas not Ar-Kan-Saw

I walk every day for at least two miles.  Lately though it's been more like three or four because I don't want it to end.  The sunsets have been so nice to watch from the walking paths and parks nearby.  One night I saw a fox.  I called my husband to ask if they were dangerous because I didn't know.  I wanted to get a picture of him, but by the time I finished my call he had run off.  Beautiful red creature!  I learned they are common in this area.

photo edited with distressedfx
bike path along the Arkansas

This photo was taken on a warmer day and just after I snapped this picture a family of four passed by on their bikes, and I also passed two joggers.  I just love all the activity here!  What's nice is that there are certain times of day when it's very quiet and you see very few people, it goes both ways.

 new palette

I finally broke down and bought a Masterson's Sta-Wet Palette that I saw last year on Gillian Lee Smith's blog.  This photo is day four and my acrylic paints are still wet!  The palette does water them down a bit, but if you blob on a lot of paint, then not so much as you can see in the titanium white pile.  I should have bought one ages ago.  The lid has compartments for watercolors with three mixing areas.

 current state of my art studio

I really should straighten up my work area today, but I don't feel like it so it probably won't get done.


The animals have adjusted nicely to their new surroundings as you can see.  I don't have a photo of our other cat Peet, however he seems to like it here too.

growing Mitsou

Mitsou thinks this blanket is her mommy.  She sucks on it and then curls up and falls asleep.  She cracks us up.  She is quite the mischief right now.  I will be glad when she matures.  I am constantly picking up after her...knocked over plants, spilled water, broken coasters, I even found her dangling from the window shade the other day.  She is an absolute mess, but she's extra sweet when she is calm.

moon glow out the studio window 2 weeks ago

I have also been organizing my photos on the computer.  I take so many pictures with my cell phone these days and there isn't any rhyme or reason to them.  So I simplified and put them into folders labeled family, friends, pets, scenery, artsy, videos, and misc.  That is at least a start, right?

I hope whatever you have been doing lately has been all that you find inspiring and good.  Until next time...

♥ Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Darn you! Now, all I feel like doing is taking a nap! What a delightfully relaxing post. Each photo made my blood pressure drop and I began to yawn...z-z-z.

  2. What a great newsy and arty post. You made my day!

    Definitely look forward to more interiors. Love the one with Hurley in the shaft of light.

    We have snow and it is beautiful in a different way.
    Will all be gone tomorrow.

  3. Love that first painting with Hurley. Such cuties in your household. xox

  4. You have been so busy! No wonder walks and naps are top priorities! Even the animals are napping! lol
    Love your river walk stories -- wish I could walk with you. Your interior painting with Hurley is just wonderful. And the beanie-mitten winter girl too.

  5. I love this post..Enjoy your new home and neighborhood. All in your family seem happy and well-adjusted to their new environment..Spend the days with good books and furry friends, relax and watch the snowfall, breathe and take it all in...Busier days lie ahead!!

  6. I love this post, it is like stepping a bit into your world and inspirations and I love your sketchbook. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Lots of wonderful things going on! Love the girl with her mittens and all of the pet photos of course. What a beautiful spot that you live in:)

  8. Lisa, you are awesome! Squint your eyes and look for the shadows, you will see the light.... or squint your eyes and look for the light, you will see the shadows! Polka dots do rock!

  9. I see so many lovely sketches here, Lisa! I love your first acrylic of your house with your cute dog...!!!

  10. I love your girl with the mittens and the first painting in your sketchbook is wonderful--that floor!!

  11. What lovely scenery. Its no surprise that you enjoy your long walks. I hope we don't have to wait a year to see your large canvas.

  12. wow! thanks for taking me on a wonderful journey! loved everything!

  13. I truly enjoyed walking through all those photos! Lovely!

  14. What a wonderful post my friend. I LOVE the first painting of you room with your dog. Such a great job. and I always love seeing your sketch work.. My husband and me love to go for walks as well. We try to do five miles a day. My husband is such a great motivator. Hope you have an awesome weekend.


  15. Such an interesting post giving us a glimpse into the private Lisa. Looks like you are now living in a wonderful area, but it does take time to recover from a move, so stressful , so take your time ! Love the girls with the braid .

  16. Your new home looks like a perfect fit. I love this time of year and how you say we slow down
    and take big bites of solitude and resting. It feels like this is the germinating part of the year.
    Under the surface creating is taking root and we're gathering new stories. Stay warm!

  17. Looks like you've been really busy! Love your girl with a beanie, and the sketch you got bored with. The animals seem to feel right at home :-)

  18. Great post Lisa! Love seeing all your art! Your outside photos are so beautiful! I love your animals too ;o) Big Hugs xoxoxo

  19. Beautiful creations Lisa! I love the painting of your new home with Hurley standing in the doorway. Yes light is hard, but I think you did it beautifully. I also enjoyed seeing your sketchbook drawings the scenery of where you live... and also love the girl in the beanie with mitts. And then there is the wonderful music you shared. I so enjoyed it and glad you shared it. So much to discover in your beautiful post! Thank You!


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