Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Painting Progress, Thoughts on Meaning, Studio, and News

mixed media in progress
11 x 14 inch on canvas panel

This is a view of the entire painting I shared in the last post. It is still in progress.  Things have gone berserk with this one.  The composition is a little crazy...even I can't make sense of what is going on.  For example, where on earth did that ladder come from?  

What I am sure of though is, the women in the sky are likely representations of those who have passed on and the two in the foreground remain.  I have had two close friends lose parents this past month, one of them just last week.  Life always has an impact on art.

Since this is a mixed media piece, I decided to play around with some crackle paste and stamp into it.  I may end up sanding some of it down because it seems to be a bit too much as far as texture goes. 

Some of the faces are a bit scary, but of course they are not done yet. I was going to finish all the faces in oil, but some of them are turning out well in acrylic, so I may just stick with that.

The light coming into my studio yesterday afternoon was so pretty.  I am loving this new studio.

Some news I have not shared here is that the above paintings:  Ragamuffin Rena, Laurel, and Blue Hair Elegance were purchased last November and are now part of The Art of Emprise collection at Emprise Bank here in Wichita.  It is such an honor to have my art as a part of this collection and I am thankful for Tessera Fine Art Gallery who made it possible.


  1. Wow! What GREAT textures! So PRETTY!

  2. Dear Lisa, congratulations on the success you are having as an artist - well deserved.

    Art does imitate life - I see this in my writing too. I am enjoying (and have done so since following you way back when) watching your creative process, your expression on canvas, the woman you paint.

    Continued success… and wonderful days of creating in your new art studio.

    With smiles, Jenny.

  3. I love this piece. And when I first saw it, I thought of your connection with those passed. No wonder there's a ladder. It's a powerful piece.
    And your new studio looks like the perfect place to be -- all that sunlight . . .
    All banks should buy local art work! Congrats on being included.

  4. i still love this painting, lisa... it's still completely magical...

    congratulations on the sale of your paintings to the bank! surely that's auspicious. : )


  5. You are an inspiration to those of us out here in the blog world. I love this Soul Painting and how you interpret it. Each viewer probably interprets it differently. This is how I see your painting: Those souls gone before are still in touch with the ones still on Earth. The ladder is a representation of the connection between all of them. We are all connected, all one. Needless to say this is a powerful painting.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! as always, Lisa!

  7. I love the ladder! You go girl ;o) Your studio is beautiful ;o) Congrats again with your art! I am so proud of you Lisa! Big Hugs ;o) I forgot to say, you are so right, life always has an impact on art.

  8. I love the light in your studio. Snow brings double light in the house...a treat when it stays
    light only a few hours. I admire how you allow a painting to come along at its own pace.
    This one is fun to watch as it 'hatches' under your brush!

  9. Congrats on your sale Lisa! I love the new piece. I noticed the ladder right away and I thought stairway to heaven. Happy 2015 Lisa!


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