Monday, November 9, 2015

Around Here Lately

Picasso Colored Fields
mixed media on panel 5 x 7 inch

Lately, I have been doing a lot of painting.  And I've felt inspired by some of the colors in Picasso's work.

And it got me thinking about color mixing which made me watch this video by Gillian Lee Smith (Cox now).  

Then I kept thinking about all those pretty pinks on the palette which made me order this pink strawberry cake at a women's fair with a friend the other day.  Yummo.

Katie is Protective of Kendra
mixed media on panel 5 x 7 inch
 I began experimenting with my Shiva Oil Paintstiks once again and loved the tones they gave to these faces.  

I have been painting mostly in the early hours of the morning.

I was involved in an art auction to benefit those suffering from Juvenile Arthritis.  This is me and the sweet 12 year old I worked with this past summer.  We worked on one 16 x 20 inch together (left painting) and I created one that went with the theme she chose.  Our pieces auctioned for $350!  I love that she chose happy colored flowers to reflect her happier days...she has been in remission for some time now which is wonderful.  I wish it was that way for all the children that were there that  night.

Enjoying the Fall colors along our street.  

And watching the sky and the river at The Keeper of the Plains bridge.  

Taking bike rides with a long time friend.

And conquering Kansas mountains...which is a lot harder than it looks.

Making comfort food.

Ordered a bohemian art pillow from Sparkle Day Studio  AKA Corrine Gilman.  

And more walks on the river...

and down the streets...

and the sidewalks...

taking it all in...

with my furry walking companion Hurley.

and listening to Philip Glass' beautiful theme music from The Truman Show

And enjoying the blue Morning Glories and the other flowers I planted in the back yard this past Spring...getting ready to say goodbye to them.

What have you been up to lately?

♥ Lisa


  1. Looks like you've been lively life fully...good for you!!!

  2. Great post Lisa. So varied and interesting. Love your paintings. They have heart as well as skill.

  3. Your Picasso palette is wonderful. Love your use of paintsticks too. I've never tried them! Your autumn photos are beautiful too. I love seeing your part of the world.

  4. I love your Picasso colours inspired painting and your painting with the paint sticks is lovely. I am a little intimidated by the idea of delving into oil paints but would like to try my hand with paint sticks.

  5. Such great work - interesting to pull color from Picasso and that it lead you to a pink cake! lol
    Always enjoy seeing life in Wichita - I've only been there through your eyes.

  6. What a lovely post Lisa, I almost feel I have been sharing your days with you . Lovely colors in your paintings, specially love the top one with the flower field, so pretty ! And the music from 'he Truman Show always really touches me. Wish you a nice week.

  7. I would love to walk those streets with you and hang out at the river. Yes, and eat pink cake. I am now inspired to paint in pink. Thanks for sharing gentle music from the Truman Show.

  8. loved seeing your paintings
    your palette and cake ;-)
    looks like wonderful walking and biking
    so fun to have a friend to enjoy things with
    yea to selling your paintings and for such a good cause
    pain free is good

  9. Very nice post !!!
    I like your new painting !!!

  10. Love Katie and Kendra! Nice work and a lovely post!

  11. Paint sticks are so yummy and creamy to work with aren't they. Nice work, your style is ever evolving and wonderful to watch. xox

  12. Hi Lisa,
    You HAVE been busy! Loved the paintings, especially proud of you for the fund raising efforts. Makes me feel quite lazy. Beautiful neighborhood, lovely flowers and trees and the river, too.
    Enjoy your tomorrow--even if it's spent relaxing!

  13. Thank you for the great comments everyone! Happy weekend all!

  14. Gorgeous post Lisa! You have made me smile! Thank you! Much Love!


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